Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden Update

The garden is in full bloom, and we should have enough tomatoes soon to cover everyone in the country as they recover from the salmonella outbreak. Seriously, we have a ton of tomatoes started. Take a look at the pictures and enjoy! I can't wait until we are feasting on something other than peas--though they are mighty fine peas if I must say so myself!! I didn't take more pictures of the peas, since I already had some out and not much has changed except we have lots more now. I picked about 20 of them yesterday!!

Tomatoes galore!!!

Our lone pepper--though I have seen a few babies popping out!

Green beans!!!

And finally, the pumpkin. We had to reduce down to one pumpkin plant, and this little guy seems to be doing good-and isn't taking over the garden.


I had my interview this morning . . .I think it went well. It is for a position managing a HUGE research project taking place in the large city nearby. It sounds like a crazy intense job with lots of fast paced tasks and projects, but I found myself really excited by the things they were describing.

First let me digress. When it is time to go Christmas shopping, and I have to go to the very large mall nearby, I go with the premise that if God wants me to be shopping that day, he will provide an adequate parking arrangement. If I get there and the parking sucks, I take it as a sign that I am not supposed to be there. What in the HECK does Christmas shopping and parking have to do with today? Well, I got to the building in the big city, and you would not believe it, but there was a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING!! How is that for knowing you are supposed to be someplace . . .I didn't get sweaty, and even found a bathroom to use before going up. We were already off to a swell start!!!

Ok, then I get there and I guess he had on his calendar that I was supposed to be meeting with him next Friday . . um, that's a holiday. He makes time to see me, though he send me with another research coordinator to talk for a bit before he can free me up to meet. She is very nice, and if I got the job, I would share an office with her. The job entails managing all aspects of this large project. I would deal with IRB stuff, families, schools, etc. All looking at services to children with autism. It sounds like a very high level job, and I am flattered that he contacted me about it. It would surely be a step up, and also a step in a new direction for me.

I have been working toward my clinical social work license, and it was made evident that there really wouldn't be the opportunity to do clinical work in this position, and in fact could damage the integrity of the project if I get too clinically involved. If offered the position, I would need to decide if abandoning clinical licensure right now is feasible as there are time lines that you have to have hours done by, and I already have about 1/3 of the hours needed. I need to do more research on how long I have to finish the mandated hours.

In any case, I felt they were very engaging, and they appeared to like what I have to say. They asked about my managerial style-as I would be supervising research assistants. Overall, it was good interview. The only sticking point was they want someone who can start right away--or they said if they found the right person they would maybe wait until August.

I have a vacation planned in August and besides probably having to take it with no pay, it sounds like it would be very bad timing. Though DP told me that if they wanted me bad enough, they would make it work. Even though I haven't been offered a job yet, I anticipate that leaving my current job will be challenging, especially if on shorter notice than I would like. Someone told me it has been a long time since someone left their job there. Some people have tried to resign, and they pulled strings to keep them there. We will see.

I guess that's all. I wanted to let all of you know that I had a helper today with this post. She was making sure I maintained the integrity of my post . . .take a look. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wish me luck

I have my job interview tomorrow at the big university. I am excited, and nervous, and elated all at the same time. I so want to find a job that makes me feel like I am . . .um, I don't know. I want to feel good about what I do. I don't need 100%, but even 80% would be fantastic.

It is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so I am NOT looking forward to wearing pants, but it is at 9:30am, so hopefully it won't be too hot then.

I have more to post about, and a garden update, but it is late and I want to read some of the research articles by the guy I am meeting with.

Until then-sweet dreams friends.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Addie's Corner

Well, since my post was such a hit, mom thought I could be a guest blogger--especially since she can't get it together enough to post regularly ;)

Since we last talked, I have been doing some great things. I am finally used to that thing they keep putting on my head to walk. Sometimes I even get treats when I wear it. How cool is that?

I am going to school now, and yesterday was my second time. I am not so sure how I feel about it all yet, but I really pay attention and listen to the teacher. Seems I sit funny, and the mom's were talking about it in class. I was a little embarrassed, but it wasn't that bad since there's this guy in the class who needs some serious detention. He is a bad egg, and I bet he's gonna get held back. Not me, nope, I am a smarty pants.

I am getting much better at waiting for my food. The moms make me wait soooooo long when they put the food down. If I even get up they stop making my food, or take my food away if I haven't waited patiently enough and move before they tell me. But when I sit nice and wait, they say GO and then I get to eat my yummy food. I love food so very much. I could eat it all day, but then I would imagine I wouldn't be nearly as cute as I am now. I would be a pup on her way to Richard Simmon's doorstep.

Oh well. A little earlier I was playing with my Frisbee outside. I have also found that eating the stumps outside are really fun, though it drives mom up a wall. She put ricks all around it today to make it more challenging for me. She must have forgotten I was a smarty pants cause I already moved one of the rocks. Give me time and the stump will be mine again!

I saw a doctor yesterday who made me do all sorts of horrible things like lay there while she checked my legs and hips. OUCH I say. That was all completely unnecessary. When we were done I gave them all the evil eye. They say even though my hip is bad, that I will be ok for now. WHOO HOO!

Let's see-what else. . .I am going to see Grammy this weekend. That should be fun. I hope they aren't still mad at me from when I had runny bottom. It wasn't my fault, and my poops are perfect now! I may also have to go to a Pet Hotel for the night on Friday since mom's will be going away for the day. I am not sure I like the idea, but that is where they have the fun daycare. It could be ok.

I guess that's it. I need to protect my toys from that girl that's visiting me tonight. She keeps bouncing my balls and toys. She needs a good lick in the pants!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

How Sweet It Was!!

Helllooo!! I am incredibly stoked to tell you all about what a day I had yesterday. Our friend RHB, after hearing I was going to see James Taylor in Philly, also wanted to go see him and asked if we would want to go to Atlantic City to see him. "OF COURSE!!" I probably shouted. Yesterday was the day.

We drove to AC in the late morning, and we started off gambling a little bit at Bally's. RHB hadn't ever gambled before, and we all had our $20 gambling money and we were having at it. I had decided that I would use $20 of my own allowance money to increase the gambling money I had . . .though it turned out that I didn't need it becasue I hit it BIG!!! I haven't ever won at the casinos--(not that I got often)-maybe once a year, but still!! Check out my earnings-->

Then we headed to the boardwalk where we enjoyed pizza, funnel cake, ice cream, and sticky, icky hazy weather. It was awesome. Then we headed back in to the casino to leave to go to the Borgata where the concert was being held, and where we would eat dinner.
We ate at the Metropolitan in the Casino and it was yummy. Check out the lights that they have in the casino--very cool glass blown lights that didn't photo well, but still were very nifty.

Then we were charged with the task of trying to see if they would let us all sit together at the concert. We had a ticket for RHB and companion--(RHB is in a wheelchair in case I never brought that up). But the third seat was away from the other two, and typically this happens, and we can sometimes get them to allow us to sit together. After all, what fun is it to have to sit by yourself?? We waited a little while before they could agree to this, and we found that we were all going to be able to sit together in the SECOND ROW!! When we sat down the smile came across my face and I don't think it left until I fell asleep.

We were so close!!!! See the pictures below. Now, I have to say something about the contraband photos. When we went to see him in Philly, I followed the rules of the venue to the T--all food in clear containers, only water, no cameras. When we got there, I quickly realized that the rules apparently didn't apply to most folks. This time I was prepared to break the rules and had my cell phone camera and a real camera. Look what I took-->

And then-->this is the best part. I knew from the Philly show that he typically comes out before the second set and signs autographs. I saw folks gathering up front, and I didn't want to go at first because god forbid someone saw me and I drew attention to myself. Then I rationed, when would I ever be this close to James Taylor again???? I took my ticket and went and stood up front. About ten minutes later, from the side of the stage I saw him appear. He came over, knelt down and started signing. He signed for a little boy--who very appropriately said "Thanks Mr. Taylor". It was very cute. Then it was my turn. He took my ticket, signed, and then looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Here you go-enjoy" He had the most crystal clear blue eyes I think I have ever seen--it was amazing. I couldn't get back to my seat after that as I was being squished by many many people trying to get close. One woman-who in an odd turn of events we find works out at the same gym that RHB does-asked him if she could touch him. He put out his hand and shook hers. Check out this picture!!

I got back to my seat and I was just shaking! I couldn't believe I had been that close to him-and more importantly had the bravery to do it. I have missed out on a lot in life because I didn't have the guts to do things, and I am so glad I didn't pass this up. Though-I hope I don't get in trouble for posting contraband photos of JT on my blog.
If I haven't said this, it was absolutely amazing!! The concert was great and I would totally recommend going to see it for anyone who is a fan. My face hurt from smiling all evening. It has been a long time since I felt that free and full of joy. Thanks JT (and RHB)! It was a late evening, and I am tired today, but I couldn't wait to share this with all of you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Addie's Lament

I have something to say, and I don't mean WOOF. There is some serious business going on around here that I am highly disapproving of, and I am about to tell you all about it.

First, do you see that black bowl behind me up there? Well, the people have started to put my food in this so I can no longer gobble up my food in two milliseconds. This is not fair, I say! A fine woofy of my kind should be able to eat however I want.

Secondly, you can't see it right now, but they have been putting this black collar thing around my neck, and USING it. What are they using it for, you might ask?? Well, when I am out and about walking, and I have this collar thing on, they pull and pull and pull and pull at me to stay right by their side. This is a highly unreasonable expectation for such a curious hound as myself. How on earth am I supposed to sniff out a good snack of dog poo if I can't even leave their sides?? OH, and they have even tried to use this torture device on my in my own backyard? WTF?? Can't a woofy even run around in her own backyard without having to be so "obedient"? Periodically they make me sit, and also lay down. Sit, stand, lay down, what do they want. I don't think they have any idea, so they are taking it out on me.

Thirdly, they have been talking about this boy named Riley. I don't know much about the fellow, but I sense that I am not going to like him! Some things in the house are for Riley, and not me. Everything in this house is for me, including the magazines I have started to chew up, the shoes I like to move around, and the cat that I think is mighty tasty. I don't know about this

What is this world coming to? First a crazy food bowl, then a torturous collar, and talk of some Riley thing . . .This is all too much for me. I must go ponder the meaning of life somewhere.

Thanks for listening! WOOF

How does your garden grow--Part II

Hellllllooooooo out there!! Well, today is a sunny 90 degrees in the mystery city I live in, and though it is hot, it is not humid which makes all the difference in the world. Things have been very slow work wise this week . . I did finalize and submit my application today for the job at the local university I was contacted about. It is weird to do applications online . . .don't know if anyone else thinks that's just strange. Oh well.

I wanted to give a garden update, since there is SO much going on. We have a real garden, a real live garden. I can't wait until we actually produce something edible, but until then, let me show you inside.
This is the before shot of the garden . . .

This is where we are now--though from the opposite end. At the bottom of the photo you can see that we have two massive pumpkin plants growing-thanks to our woofy friend. The one has a branch--is that what they are called?-growing past the two rows of tomato cages. I don't want to cut it, but I don't know when it will stop growing. The other day it grew like 5 inches in a day! Soon it will be out to the road! So in front of the pumpkins we have tomatoes, then peppers, then beans, and you can see the peas growing around the perimeter of the fence. Oh, and guess what??We have cucumbers!! I had to replant them since by memorial day we hadn't seen anything happening, and this time I made two mounds with three seeds each and look what I saw the other day!!! How cool is that???

Not related to the garden, but we got a new back door and storm door yesterday as well. The old one had a frame that had been pieced together and just looked bad. The door and screen both had significant gaps in the bottom and we just needed a new one. Thanks to our economic stimulus checks, we were encouraged to buy a door and have the doorway fixed as well. Very cool!!

Until next time. I think my woofy friend has something to say . . .

Monday, June 09, 2008

What I have been up to!

Well folks--I thought I should get around to writing since my readership is soaring, and there's no better time that in the sweltering heat of the day. Temperatures here today have topped out so far at 99 degrees, and that's just way too damn hot for me. I am just saying. I not one of those folks who waits all winter for warmer weather--I hate sweating and feeling sticky and yucky. I don't let anyone near me unless I am not sweaty and sticky, and that makes for a lot of time apart from those that I love in the heat.

In any case, I have some things to share from the archives of my brain. I am not feeling well today--could be a multitude of things--got my period (third month in a row--what the heck is up with that??), I am tired, it is hot, I am bored with my job, I don't know what to talk about in therapy today . . .see, any number of things. I came home early from work today and corralled all the critters in the bedroom for an air conditioned nap. It went well, though I can't say I feel better. I could also legitimately in fact have something wrong. Who knows.

OK, on to better things. I will, in true beanie fashion give you a bulleted update on my life over the last few weeks. Sit back, relax, keep all hands inside the vehicle . . .

Now, in no particular order . . .

1. We went kayaking yesterday which was so absolutely fun. I must have reiterated how much I loved kayaking about a million times throughout the day. Even after I fell out of the boat... I love kayaking. Yes, it's true. I fell out. I was trying to avoid an oncoming tree limb, and I thought rather than back paddle, I would just duck . . .well, that's easier thought than executed, see when you duck in a kayak you off center yourself and the next thing you know your loved ones are laughing at you, and more worried about the location of the water bottle I was carrying. In all seriousness, I was a lot calmer about the situation that one would have thought given my flare for the dramatic. A nice man came and helped get me back in--since said loved ones just looked at me from afar snickering ;)

2. SIL was visiting this weekend--well, she was herefor work and we were volunteering for the event, Quash-->Check it out. It was like a city wide scavenger hunt type thing. It was good fun, for a good organization. Heck, the rate my father is going I will need the services of the organization soon.

3. My sweet, dearest little friend K. and her sister were in their aunt's wedding last weekend and DP and I went to help out. They both just looked so precious, and I just love being around them-and their family. I am glad we could help out and make the day at least a little bit less stressful for all. K, by the way, is kicking that leukemia right out of her, and doing great. Some rocky times at points, but all in all she is holding her own and has managed to stay out of the hospital for a while now. Keep the prayers and thoughts going her way. Oh, and mom and dad might need some thoughts as they recently adopted two kittens for the girls.

4. Work has been work. Nothing terribly exciting. I have decided to start poking my head around to some other potential job opportunities. I was actually contacted by the director of a program at a major local university asking if I would be interested in applying for a senior research position. Not exactly what I was looking for, but has parts that are appealing. It is a grant funded position, but they have guaranteed funding for 4 years, and he told me that he has a great track record of getting funding. I have also sent my resume to the local children's hospital for consideration in their newly opened research center for autism. I am hoping they have something that will be more clinical than research, but I am open to something new. The idea of being able to take a train to work is really good right now. Took me $45 to fill up my Saturn today . . .too much.

5. We have started to go to obedience school with Addie. She had one session and I don't think she particularly likes the new schooling opportunity. We worked with her one night last week and she got herself all worked up that she threw up. We hope tomorrow will go well, though it is going to be hot as all get out again and the training takes place in this opened warehouse/garage thing. Luckily it is DP's turn to work with her. The class is 8 weeks and we will trade off each week on who actually handles her, and the other will watch.

6. We love our neighbors. They are just so nice and we couldn't ask for better ones--did I also mention that they have a pool? Yes, they do and they are very open to us using it whenever we want. I have to say though, their daughter came over Sunday and we had grand plans to use the pool, and she had to go be all up in it. The nerve. So we didn't go in. We did buy a wading pool for Addie--she seemed to like it-though we had to "help" her like it.

7. I saw James Taylor last weekend and it was fabulous. I went with one of my bestest friends, and we had a good time. She thought we had lawn seats, and we got there super early and scoped out a great seat. So then I am looking at the tickets again, and it turns out that we had actual seats and didn't know it. It was good fun. And guess what??? I am going again this weekend to see him at the Borgota in Atlantic City with our friend RHB . . .those seats are in the second row--SECOND ROW!!???!! I think I might pee myself being that close. The venue itself isn't that big-so I am very excited.

8. Weight loss update-->there is no weight loss. There was some gainage over the holiday weekend, but I am back to where I was before-which is still the lowest I have been. I have been trying to do better, but it just seems that I can never get it right. I will be starting to go to a PCOS support/therapy group starting in July which is run by a nutritionist that I used to see, and some therapist lady. It will be good I think to talk with others who have having food and PCOS issues.

9. I have a boy that is in love with me . . .he is 4 years old. He just loves me very very much, and asks for me a lot--so much so that he drives his mother crazy. He looks at me with googley eyes, and asks when I am going to come back. He is so stinking cute. His little sister is very advanced for her age. It is fun to be around typical kids sometimes--reminds me that not all kids are autistic and so needy.

Um, I guess that's is for right now. I hope all is well in your corners!!