Friday, June 27, 2008

Garden Update

The garden is in full bloom, and we should have enough tomatoes soon to cover everyone in the country as they recover from the salmonella outbreak. Seriously, we have a ton of tomatoes started. Take a look at the pictures and enjoy! I can't wait until we are feasting on something other than peas--though they are mighty fine peas if I must say so myself!! I didn't take more pictures of the peas, since I already had some out and not much has changed except we have lots more now. I picked about 20 of them yesterday!!

Tomatoes galore!!!

Our lone pepper--though I have seen a few babies popping out!

Green beans!!!

And finally, the pumpkin. We had to reduce down to one pumpkin plant, and this little guy seems to be doing good-and isn't taking over the garden.


Jenster said...

Ooo, yummy!!!

Lynilu said...


Jus' sayin'.

Tom said...

I think I'll ask for green peppers on my sandwich for lunch today. :)

beans said...

I wish I could share with all of you. We tried some beans and they are yummyyyyyy.

Fried green tomatoes, uh?