Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wish me luck

I have my job interview tomorrow at the big university. I am excited, and nervous, and elated all at the same time. I so want to find a job that makes me feel like I am . . .um, I don't know. I want to feel good about what I do. I don't need 100%, but even 80% would be fantastic.

It is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so I am NOT looking forward to wearing pants, but it is at 9:30am, so hopefully it won't be too hot then.

I have more to post about, and a garden update, but it is late and I want to read some of the research articles by the guy I am meeting with.

Until then-sweet dreams friends.

1 comment:

Jenster said...

Oooo! It's 9:25 as I'm reading this! (praying)

Up here in the North Country it's currently 77 with 67% humidity. :o)