Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Addie's Corner

Well, since my post was such a hit, mom thought I could be a guest blogger--especially since she can't get it together enough to post regularly ;)

Since we last talked, I have been doing some great things. I am finally used to that thing they keep putting on my head to walk. Sometimes I even get treats when I wear it. How cool is that?

I am going to school now, and yesterday was my second time. I am not so sure how I feel about it all yet, but I really pay attention and listen to the teacher. Seems I sit funny, and the mom's were talking about it in class. I was a little embarrassed, but it wasn't that bad since there's this guy in the class who needs some serious detention. He is a bad egg, and I bet he's gonna get held back. Not me, nope, I am a smarty pants.

I am getting much better at waiting for my food. The moms make me wait soooooo long when they put the food down. If I even get up they stop making my food, or take my food away if I haven't waited patiently enough and move before they tell me. But when I sit nice and wait, they say GO and then I get to eat my yummy food. I love food so very much. I could eat it all day, but then I would imagine I wouldn't be nearly as cute as I am now. I would be a pup on her way to Richard Simmon's doorstep.

Oh well. A little earlier I was playing with my Frisbee outside. I have also found that eating the stumps outside are really fun, though it drives mom up a wall. She put ricks all around it today to make it more challenging for me. She must have forgotten I was a smarty pants cause I already moved one of the rocks. Give me time and the stump will be mine again!

I saw a doctor yesterday who made me do all sorts of horrible things like lay there while she checked my legs and hips. OUCH I say. That was all completely unnecessary. When we were done I gave them all the evil eye. They say even though my hip is bad, that I will be ok for now. WHOO HOO!

Let's see-what else. . .I am going to see Grammy this weekend. That should be fun. I hope they aren't still mad at me from when I had runny bottom. It wasn't my fault, and my poops are perfect now! I may also have to go to a Pet Hotel for the night on Friday since mom's will be going away for the day. I am not sure I like the idea, but that is where they have the fun daycare. It could be ok.

I guess that's it. I need to protect my toys from that girl that's visiting me tonight. She keeps bouncing my balls and toys. She needs a good lick in the pants!



Lynilu said...

Well, Addie, it sounds as if you are growing up into a nice young lady!I wish there were classes like yours close to me, because Max and Sam could really use some of those classes! They're not bad boys, but sometimes they are rambunctious, so it would be nice for them to learn when to play and when to have quiet time!

You keep up the good work, little lady. Tell you mom I said HI!!

Sookie said...

Hi Addie!

My mom says I'm going to go to school someday, too. Hopefully soon. Do you think I'll like it okay?

I like tree stumps, too. In fact, I just like trees! Mom and Dad blocked all the trees in the yard with this zappy thing except for one. I like to chew on the bark and dig in the dirt around it. Good times.

Mom also says that she's going to take me to Valley Forge some day to meet you in real life! I can hardly wait! She says she and your mom will just talk and talk and talk and you and I can play and walk. But she says I'm too big for my britches and need to stop acting like I'm a really big dog.

I hope you have fun at Grammy's! I've never met either of my grammies, but mom sends them pictures sometimes. And a doggy hotel sounds kind of cool, too.


Anonymous said...

Cute dog, is that a sable gsd?

beans said...

Lyn-I am a good girl! I wish Sam and Max were closer, cause I like to play, a lot!! I would herd them and keep them in line for you. Perhaps a trip out here is in order once you are finished visiting everyone else. You could knock out a visit to Jenster and mom at the same time!!

Sookie- I think you will like school. It is ruff work, but it is helping me to not get yelled at so much. And, when I sit nice, I usually get food and lovies and stuff, and that is better than acting like a fool. I am wondering what your zappy thing is though on your trees? I moved the bog rick mom put down to keep me out . . .hehe. I can't wait to meet you. I think I heard you are getting your cone off soon. I hope so. I didn't go to the hotel, but I will talk about that later.

beans said...

Anon-We think she is a black and tan from what we have seen. Though nothing is for certain since she was a shelter dog and little is known about her beginnings in life--except that she was from a hoarding situation where the family had a ton of animals.

We are getting another pup in August, and the one we are looking at is a black and tan. Do you have a GS?