Sunday, June 15, 2008

How Sweet It Was!!

Helllooo!! I am incredibly stoked to tell you all about what a day I had yesterday. Our friend RHB, after hearing I was going to see James Taylor in Philly, also wanted to go see him and asked if we would want to go to Atlantic City to see him. "OF COURSE!!" I probably shouted. Yesterday was the day.

We drove to AC in the late morning, and we started off gambling a little bit at Bally's. RHB hadn't ever gambled before, and we all had our $20 gambling money and we were having at it. I had decided that I would use $20 of my own allowance money to increase the gambling money I had . . .though it turned out that I didn't need it becasue I hit it BIG!!! I haven't ever won at the casinos--(not that I got often)-maybe once a year, but still!! Check out my earnings-->

Then we headed to the boardwalk where we enjoyed pizza, funnel cake, ice cream, and sticky, icky hazy weather. It was awesome. Then we headed back in to the casino to leave to go to the Borgata where the concert was being held, and where we would eat dinner.
We ate at the Metropolitan in the Casino and it was yummy. Check out the lights that they have in the casino--very cool glass blown lights that didn't photo well, but still were very nifty.

Then we were charged with the task of trying to see if they would let us all sit together at the concert. We had a ticket for RHB and companion--(RHB is in a wheelchair in case I never brought that up). But the third seat was away from the other two, and typically this happens, and we can sometimes get them to allow us to sit together. After all, what fun is it to have to sit by yourself?? We waited a little while before they could agree to this, and we found that we were all going to be able to sit together in the SECOND ROW!! When we sat down the smile came across my face and I don't think it left until I fell asleep.

We were so close!!!! See the pictures below. Now, I have to say something about the contraband photos. When we went to see him in Philly, I followed the rules of the venue to the T--all food in clear containers, only water, no cameras. When we got there, I quickly realized that the rules apparently didn't apply to most folks. This time I was prepared to break the rules and had my cell phone camera and a real camera. Look what I took-->

And then-->this is the best part. I knew from the Philly show that he typically comes out before the second set and signs autographs. I saw folks gathering up front, and I didn't want to go at first because god forbid someone saw me and I drew attention to myself. Then I rationed, when would I ever be this close to James Taylor again???? I took my ticket and went and stood up front. About ten minutes later, from the side of the stage I saw him appear. He came over, knelt down and started signing. He signed for a little boy--who very appropriately said "Thanks Mr. Taylor". It was very cute. Then it was my turn. He took my ticket, signed, and then looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Here you go-enjoy" He had the most crystal clear blue eyes I think I have ever seen--it was amazing. I couldn't get back to my seat after that as I was being squished by many many people trying to get close. One woman-who in an odd turn of events we find works out at the same gym that RHB does-asked him if she could touch him. He put out his hand and shook hers. Check out this picture!!

I got back to my seat and I was just shaking! I couldn't believe I had been that close to him-and more importantly had the bravery to do it. I have missed out on a lot in life because I didn't have the guts to do things, and I am so glad I didn't pass this up. Though-I hope I don't get in trouble for posting contraband photos of JT on my blog.
If I haven't said this, it was absolutely amazing!! The concert was great and I would totally recommend going to see it for anyone who is a fan. My face hurt from smiling all evening. It has been a long time since I felt that free and full of joy. Thanks JT (and RHB)! It was a late evening, and I am tired today, but I couldn't wait to share this with all of you!


Lynilu said...

Me thinks you be smitten!!

Very cool! I'm glad you had so much fun, good food and you were tired...always a sign of a good time!

Enjoy! Loll in it!!

Jenster said...

JEALOUS!! Really, really jealous!

Congrats on the cash AND the autograph!!