Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need some perspective . . .or something.

First off, I have to say that NOTHING I am about to say applies to Daisy . ..she will understand why soon.

Part I:

Ok, so DP and I are not very social people. We decided a while ago that we wanted to have a birthday party for our house--since it was going to be 100 years old this year.  What a better excuse to have a party, right? We really got into it, and got lots of cool facts, ads, articles, music from 1910.  It was awesome to do the research and check all that stuff out. We had a few other fun things going on like having people help us choose our paint color for the kitchen--they voted on 1 of 4 colors. We had also had gotten a take home paint your own pottery kit and bought tiles of different sizes so folks could make a tile commemorating the event. We aren't sure what we will do with them right now, but we will either make a table or frame them.

Part II:
I eat lunch with the same group of girls. There are 5 of us . . .4 of which I knew before when I worked there, so I have known them for years. I had been talking about the party for over a month now and everyone was very excited to come and we all talked about how much fun it would be. We seems to be a very tight group of women. Blah blah blah.  We also celebrate birthday's with this group of ladies--usually by having a special lunch and goofy gifts. We have celebrated all birthday's this year . . .except mine. Nothing from no one . . .it kinda made me sad. Now I know I have a holiday birthday, but still. Nothing . . .

Part III:
Party day comes around, and mother nature decides she wants to crash the party. We ended up with maybe an inch of snow, if that.  L had told me earlier in the week that if it snowed she would NOT be coming. She texted before the party to say she wasn't coming. T called to say she'd gotten mostly to our house but then she couldn't get through the roads and turned around (less than like a mile form our house). H never called or texted to say anything. S never called or texted or anything. S has also made plans to come to our house three other times and hasn't called or canceled.

Part IV:
We had a GREAT time with the folks that did come. We had about 25 people come and it was great to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while, and some that I see more often. The house was filled with much love, laughter, fun, food, and jello shots. I am so pleased with how it all turned out, and the tiles look amazing!

Part V:
I am finding myself really angry at my friends (the ones from work). I guess I am thinking that if they didn't want to come, or weren't going to come, then they shouldn't have made such a big deal ABOUT coming. They might have said, well, we aren't sure if we are going to make it, blah blah blah.  I guess I just feel that typically I am very forgiving, and usually would just let it roll off my back . . but not acknowledging my birthday . . .not coming to a party . . .it just kind of stings a bit. My first reaction to DP was that I just wasn't going to talk to them tomorrow--which I know is a very childlike reaction.  But I feel like I do need some space from them.

It is good timing anyways as I have started a new role at work as the admissions coordinator for the children's program and am busy--VERY busy . . .that would be a good excuse to separate a bit from them.  I know there were other factors, and things beyond my control, and after all, i KNOW it isn't always about me . . .but the hurt is there none the less. I did miss Daisy, and knew she was coming from MUCH further than other folks and the weather was bad there--hopefully we will see each other again soon!

Not sure what I am looking for . . .just needed to vent.  Thanks for reading . . .