Friday, June 27, 2008


I had my interview this morning . . .I think it went well. It is for a position managing a HUGE research project taking place in the large city nearby. It sounds like a crazy intense job with lots of fast paced tasks and projects, but I found myself really excited by the things they were describing.

First let me digress. When it is time to go Christmas shopping, and I have to go to the very large mall nearby, I go with the premise that if God wants me to be shopping that day, he will provide an adequate parking arrangement. If I get there and the parking sucks, I take it as a sign that I am not supposed to be there. What in the HECK does Christmas shopping and parking have to do with today? Well, I got to the building in the big city, and you would not believe it, but there was a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING!! How is that for knowing you are supposed to be someplace . . .I didn't get sweaty, and even found a bathroom to use before going up. We were already off to a swell start!!!

Ok, then I get there and I guess he had on his calendar that I was supposed to be meeting with him next Friday . . um, that's a holiday. He makes time to see me, though he send me with another research coordinator to talk for a bit before he can free me up to meet. She is very nice, and if I got the job, I would share an office with her. The job entails managing all aspects of this large project. I would deal with IRB stuff, families, schools, etc. All looking at services to children with autism. It sounds like a very high level job, and I am flattered that he contacted me about it. It would surely be a step up, and also a step in a new direction for me.

I have been working toward my clinical social work license, and it was made evident that there really wouldn't be the opportunity to do clinical work in this position, and in fact could damage the integrity of the project if I get too clinically involved. If offered the position, I would need to decide if abandoning clinical licensure right now is feasible as there are time lines that you have to have hours done by, and I already have about 1/3 of the hours needed. I need to do more research on how long I have to finish the mandated hours.

In any case, I felt they were very engaging, and they appeared to like what I have to say. They asked about my managerial style-as I would be supervising research assistants. Overall, it was good interview. The only sticking point was they want someone who can start right away--or they said if they found the right person they would maybe wait until August.

I have a vacation planned in August and besides probably having to take it with no pay, it sounds like it would be very bad timing. Though DP told me that if they wanted me bad enough, they would make it work. Even though I haven't been offered a job yet, I anticipate that leaving my current job will be challenging, especially if on shorter notice than I would like. Someone told me it has been a long time since someone left their job there. Some people have tried to resign, and they pulled strings to keep them there. We will see.

I guess that's all. I wanted to let all of you know that I had a helper today with this post. She was making sure I maintained the integrity of my post . . .take a look. Happy Friday!!


Jenster said...

Sounds like an interesting job. And I do that parking lot/sign from God thing, too! lol

Lynilu said...

Well! Many challenges! that's not a bad thing, 'cause challenges push us out of the comfort zone .... and right into excitement!! Good luck, Beans!!