Thursday, June 12, 2008

How does your garden grow--Part II

Hellllllooooooo out there!! Well, today is a sunny 90 degrees in the mystery city I live in, and though it is hot, it is not humid which makes all the difference in the world. Things have been very slow work wise this week . . I did finalize and submit my application today for the job at the local university I was contacted about. It is weird to do applications online . . .don't know if anyone else thinks that's just strange. Oh well.

I wanted to give a garden update, since there is SO much going on. We have a real garden, a real live garden. I can't wait until we actually produce something edible, but until then, let me show you inside.
This is the before shot of the garden . . .

This is where we are now--though from the opposite end. At the bottom of the photo you can see that we have two massive pumpkin plants growing-thanks to our woofy friend. The one has a branch--is that what they are called?-growing past the two rows of tomato cages. I don't want to cut it, but I don't know when it will stop growing. The other day it grew like 5 inches in a day! Soon it will be out to the road! So in front of the pumpkins we have tomatoes, then peppers, then beans, and you can see the peas growing around the perimeter of the fence. Oh, and guess what??We have cucumbers!! I had to replant them since by memorial day we hadn't seen anything happening, and this time I made two mounds with three seeds each and look what I saw the other day!!! How cool is that???

Not related to the garden, but we got a new back door and storm door yesterday as well. The old one had a frame that had been pieced together and just looked bad. The door and screen both had significant gaps in the bottom and we just needed a new one. Thanks to our economic stimulus checks, we were encouraged to buy a door and have the doorway fixed as well. Very cool!!

Until next time. I think my woofy friend has something to say . . .

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Jenster said...

Your garden grows very nicely! And I like the new door. Pretty.