Friday, January 28, 2011

Period . . .games and other such things

So I think my period is coming. Actually, I know it is because my phone app tells me it should be here in 2 days. It has been getting worse in the last several months, and I am finally going to go see a PCOS specialist again to see if there's anything I can be doing. It just sucks to be laying there knowing you feel like shit because of this cruddy hormonal change taking place in your body at this particular time and have nothing you can do about it. I know this is only the beginning and I am sure to be a raging lunatic when my "change of life" occurs, but until then I will try and keep myself under control!

Today I came home from work and just felt blah . . .went to lay down for a little bit, and that seemed to do the trick. DP and I went out for dinner, came home and played Life.

We are having a game night tomorrow with some friends, and I bought Life for the occasion. I had downloaded it on my phone for the WI trip over the holidays and I forgot how fun it was. We have also been getting together with another couple about once a month to play Spite and have dinner. They turned us onto this game over the summer and we are addicted. I am not so good, but it's fun to get together. DP and deemed me our social planner, and I am trying to keep up sufficiently social, while still going to see mom and dad, working weekends, and keeping up with the dust bunnies!

What are some of your favorite games?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost and found

I am still here . . .are any of you?

I sit here remembering my blog and kinda wish I was still connected to folks. I did end up signing up for an online journal and it's been great. Realized that I was using my blog as much more of a journal than anything else, and having the real journal has helped me sort things out a bit.

Now I can just be really silly and entertaining on here without being so damn serious! lol

So what's been going on with all of you?

Anyone jealous that we are sitting on over two feet of snow . .the latest of which came yesterday at about 18 inches! I worked from home today and I got a lot done. Nice to have those days to work in my jammies!

Well, I don't want to tax myself as I ease back into this . . .let me know what's up with you!