Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas time is here . . .Almost!

Well my day today so far has been excruciatingly boring, so I thought I would take some time to write to my fine following!! We had 13 inches of snow this weekend, and I am sure glad it happened over a weekend, as I would have likely have had to come to work if it weren't. Other folks in the Philly area got 23 inches of snow. Holy Crap that is a lot of snow. I am so glad that we decided to go in on a snow blower with our neighbors last year. It sure did come in handy and reduced our shoveling time by a LOT! See Riley not enjoying the blizzard condition!

This Christmas we will be at my folk’s house, and that should be ok. I have significantly limited the amount of time I have been spending there the last two months, so I am hoping for a good holiday. We will only be there 12/24-12/26. DP's sister is coming in from Minneapolis on Saturday--which also happens to be my birthday! She will be here for a week and that will be fun. We don’t have a ton planned, and I only work three days that week. This week I only work today and tomorrow!!!!

We have had lots of household plans to think about, the latest of which is whether or not to carpet the upstairs. There is hardwood up there now, but it is in bad shaped, and you can tell it was carpeted before. Perhaps they pulled it up to sell it. In any case, it is just getting annoying to see if looking so bad, and splintering our feet. Also, Addie's hips have been causing her more problems and so that is the only area of the house that is not carpeted with a rug. Since we can't afford to refinish/replace the wood, we decided to get carpet just in the upstairs, and a runner down the stairs. Hopefully this will help until we can afford to fix the floors properly--in like 10 years!! We posted on facebook that we were thinking of doing this, and who the hell knew people were such carpet haters!! I guess I understand if you have kids and pups in a high traffic area, but we figure in the bedroom and stairs we should be ok. AT least that's what we are telling ourselves. At the end of the day it is our house and we will decide . . .I think they will be measuring today and hopefully we can get it by next week.

We also had a contractor come out to let us know about a bunch of small things we need to get done--all things my brother or father in law could do, but seeing as how they all live so damn far away, we went to the next best thing. A friend's father!! I wish owning an old home didn't cost so much money! Oh well, we love our home and will do what we can, when we can.

Speaking of our home, we are having a birthday party for it in January. Our house will be 100 years old and we are taking the opportunity to have some folks over and celebrate. We were thinking of getting tiles and having folks decorate them and then we could make it into a table or something. We also thought the house would like to take a collection for a new stove. Ours is pretty bad, and we thought instead of having folks bring other stuff, we would just do that . . .hope that isn't tacky . . .

I guess that's it for now. I should get back to work. Or back to reading old leadership notes from 4 years ago. Really, I am bored and there's not much to do today. I have some meetings this afternoon, so that will be good. I will be taking on a new position as of January, so I suppose I oughta enjoy the quiet now!!
Hope you are all well in your corners!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just blah

Wish I had more exciting things to say these days . . .just feeling rather blah. The Christmas spirit seems to have worn off and we have only just begun. I know it will return, but until then I am just hanging in there.

We got a visit from the police today . ..apparently someone called twice today saying the dogs (though more than likely it was Addie!) were barking excessively . . .it irritates me when folks call anonymously instead of coming to the people and talking to them. We had gone to both our neighbors and said if they were barking to let us know. Obviously they are in the outdoor kennel all day, so we don't know what they do. It just makes me mad-mostly because I wish we didn't have to leave them so long, and I wish that we could walk them more, and I wish that we had better control over their behaviors. I know I am awfully whiny, but this is my blog and I can whine if I want to.

Work is work. I forgot how much it sucked to want snow so badly, but then remember that you work at a residential facility that doesn't shut down in the snow. They expect you to be there--even though my day to day job is not direct care, I am still expected to be there. So while DP wishes for snow days, I don't. Wonder if our wishes cancel each other out?

Well, that's about all I will torture you with.

OHHH, wait. I have one more thing to say about work in general. It really gets to me when folks think that just because I am a social worker that I can somehow save the flippin world and fix everyone's problems. I am only human people and just because you come to me with a problem does NOT mean I can fix it. Also, don't be surprised if I ask you to participate in the solution!! Everyone wants stuff done, but doesn't want to do what is needed to actually fix problems. ok, really done now!