Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Officer Down

Last week an officer was shot in the line of duty. I happened to be relatively near where it happened, and actually had to pull over since the amount of cops responding to the scene were massive. It amazed me that no one dies at the hand of cops going to these sorts of things--I seriously thought someone was going to get hit.

In any case, today is the public viewing and funeral for this officer, and today on my way to a visit I saw many many squads on motorcycles from other towns going to the funeral. For some reason it just makes me so sad.

I know any of us are at risk just in every day life, especially those who are in certain higher crime areas, but I can't imagine the struggle of families who's relatives are cops and firefighters and in like professions.

Not much else to say about it--just sad that this has to happen. Not to mention the sad state of affairs of the gentleman who did it. We talked in our social work supervision last week about what has to happen to to a child to have such a history of aggression at an early age. I am reading a book--that I should have read in graduate school-called Ghosts from the Nursery talking about the history of violence in young children. This guy was an adult, but he had a significant juvenile record. They reported that when he shot him at close range in the face, he then stood over him and continued to shoot him. That's anger . . .that's serious rage . . .that's sad. Just and FYI, the suspect was later killed by another officer.

Just sad . . .

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love my mechanic!!

How many people can say they love their mechanic? Well, I do. I have been going to this same Meineke for years now . . .seems that no matter how far I have moved away, I still end up back there. There are three guys that have been there all along with a few gems that have come and gone. There's Eddie who owns the place-and he is rarely around--but when he is, the service times are outstanding--though I have to say that I am a bit sad at the reduced amount of time I got to spend with "my boys"!! There's this guy Jim who is just an overall nice guy who just got married for the first time at age 50 or something like that. Then there's Kenny. Kenny and I hit it off from the start, and he thinks I am just some crazed lesbian woman who has serious OCD issues around her car--which in all honestly used to be very true! He is always very patient, and appreciates me for who I am. He shows me things when he tells me something is wrong or needs to be fixed, he has extended credit to me on occasion, and he is just very funny. We have good laughs together and I enjoy going there. I don't, however, enjoy spending the money to go there. But at least I always know that they are fair and are doing what they need to in order for me to remain safe and to spend the least amount of money overall.

Oh, and they loan me a two toned ancient truck when they need the car longer than expected, and the best part--they let me bring the dog. They feel as if Addie should be their shop dog--which I almost agreed to since sending her there daily would be much cheaper than doggy daycare! They said they would have to change her name to Moe and give her a spiked collar. Wasn't sure how I feel about that now, so for now she'll just go visit.

Everyone should have that kind of mechanic in their lives.

Friday, September 26, 2008


OK, so I know who I am voting for, but if you were to ask me why, I would just say cause I don't want another republican in the office. Though I truly believe that this person would do a good job, I just feel so overwhelmed by the he/said she said of it all. One will say the other did such a horrible thing, and then the other will come back with a comeback . . .and then the evening news will run a story saying the most of the claims made by the candidates are not true.

So my question is--who the heck to you believe . . .how do you make a case for either?

I just feel very frustrated with the unknowing of it all. Seems like everyone is lying these days.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some fun!

Jenster has tagged her readers to answer the following questions . . .

Ten years ago I was:

Oh, bad times . . .very bad times. I think I was in the hospital for my eating disorder and cutting stuff. It was also the last time I did any drugs!!! I was still in college-barely. They wouldn't let me into the social work department until I got my act together. I was living with a christian family that took me on as their "project". I drove a purple neon . . .I was a mess!!

Five things on today's To Do List:

1. Observe kid at school and see new family

2. Resist the big container of cookie dough in fridge

3. Run the pups like crazy before the downpour comes

4. Order some clothes from Land's End--need pants bad!

5. Call brother or dad to find out how brother is

A snack I enjoy:

Anything that is a carbohydrate!! I am not picky--> bread, pretzels, bagels, you name it!

Things I would do if I were a millionaire:

* Pay off debt
*Fix up my house with a beanie shack!
* Give some money away
*Open a kennel or some other animal related endeavor
* buy lots and lots of books and create a wall to wall library with comfy chairs
* help my family

Places I have lived:

* New Jersey
* Poconos
* Philadelphia
* Various suburbs of Philadelphia

Oh, fun and easy post!! Except the remembering how unwell I was 10 years ago. SOOOO thankful for now, and being exactly where i am!!! Thanks Jenster!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, the weather outisde is . . .

BEAUTIFUL!! I want to live in a place where it is this temperature all the TIME!

The best is when I can wear shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I am happy as a clam when it is like that. When I don't sweat before I even step out of the shower . . .

Ok, so Lynilu has called me out, and I am here to give an update! Wish I could make it as exciting as Amy Poehler in SNL, but you will have to deal with just me . . .

Work has been good. I had a very important meeting today with a local educational place to try and sell myself and my program to them as a contract service. I felt really confident and I presented myself very well. I recognize that if they choose not to go with it, it has nothing to do with me myself--it has to do with them as a program. Important distinction!!! Made me realize how far I have come--and that I am going to be ok. My grant ends the end of January, and without promise of additional funds I will be unemployed. I am ok with that. I am working as hard as I can to be in a position to have other options for myself.

School is going--I am less excited about spending the amount of money I am to take this class, but it is a means to an end. I had to email the professor the other day as we discussed a case and the class kept talking about how crazy this family was, and how crazy the mom was. I couldn't believe that in a school of social work that she would allow such things to be said. I somewhat firmly believe that we are what we think--so if we think that people are crazy and view them that way, then are we really giving them a chance at being anything different? I recognize we all need to blow off steam, especially in this field, but I was feeling that was just not cool. Tonight we were talking about self injury, and people were being stupid with their comments--and I finally couldn't take any more and I raised my hand and I told them that I was a person who used to cut and do those things, and I am not weird--ok, well, maybe I am weird--but you know. Several people came to me afterwards and thanked me for putting a real face on the issue. Damn, and these people are going to be social workers . . .

The kids are good. Riley is growing like a weed, and Addie is holding her own. I have embraced the use of the outdoor kennel, and we haven't been issued a warning from animal control that our dogs are being a menace, so I assume they are behaving when we are gone. We put straw in their houses, and they both seem to like the kennel. Riley has started a new training place due to scheduling conflicts with the other place. He is really smart--even more so than his sister I feel. We won't tell her though.

My brother in Houston still has no power, though their house was mostly spared any damage. I think they have a few windows that need to be replaced, but other than that they are ok. I am going to visit them next month, and I sure hope they have electricity by then!! Not too much to ask. I am going to visit after I go to San Diego for work. It is quite a sacrifice I am making to go to CA for three days to present for 12 minutes. They asked me at work if I would mind going for them . . .um, let me think about it . . .NO!!! I am really excited and scared at the same time, but that's another post.

I hate--dislike very much-Jenny McCarthy . . .

Weird sightings today--a man on the corner of a major intersection doing crunches on the ground . . .mid day . . .just on the ground doing crunches.

Ok, no more. I have had to draw a line in the sand and cut back on some things. I realized that I was out most nights of the week and so I have had to allocate one night a week that I am home, nothing to do but watch TV in my pj's. I have cut back on my women's hometeam group and will only go every other week when I don't have my social work supervision group. That frees up one night a week. Important self care that is hard for me to do . . .growing all the time . . .

There you go . . .I will try and be slightly more regular in my attendance!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the doghouse

I should be in the doghouse for not writing . . but alas here I am.

This weekend has been hot as heck, especially today. We went swimming in the neighbors pool that was only half full since he was draining it . . .we were desperate.

Today we built the doghouses that we got for the pups. They are these cute log cabin looking things--I know we are dorky, but we're like that. We also put the kennel flooring in-and we left a space for them to take care of their business. Looks nice. I took some photos and will update this soon with lovely photos of the kennel-I think Riley even posed in one of them.

Not much else going on. . .went back to church today for the first time in like a month and it felt good to be back and see some of my people.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and another busy week. Maybe it will be cooler and I can be less cranky . . .right now we are watching Catch and Release . . .cute so far.

Until next time-

**Update with Pictures**

OK, so here you can see the semi close up shot of the kennel with the two houses and the flooring. Watch, they will both try and cram into on of the houses. We got them from Petsmart.com

Here's Riley posing in front!

And just a cute picture for fun! His ears have fallen, which we are told is normal when they are teething! He looks so cute. Stay tuned for another installment of Addie's Corner later this week!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Did anyone see this??

Ok, I don't want to get into what I think of the whole political hullabaloo right now, but I thought this was absolutely almost pee-in-your-pants-funny from last night's convention!!

Take a look . .

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Busy Busy

For the next few months I will be busy. I have gone back to school to see if I can finally finish up my certification to be a school social worker, and so I had the first class tonight. It was nice to be back in school again . . .

Then the clinical supervision that I was doing on Wednesday's has been moved to Thursday for the semester to accommodate me. Every other week I have supervision, and the other Thursday's we have puppy kindergarten with Riley. Monday's is therapy, and Tuesday will be women's group at the church starting next week again.

I would love to find a certification in professional vacationing. I think I would be very good at that. I think it could quite possibly be my calling in life.. . .

I don't think I could have kids . . .

These dogs are driving me bonkers . . .the little one eats everything, including his own poop. I couldn't get to it fast enough tonight and so he had a warm snack-- fresh out of the oven.

Then the big one feels the need to steal all the toys from her brother, even though for the last five months she has shown no interest in them. I think she also feels as if she's gotten a great squeaky toy since she goes near him and he squeaks.

Sheesh. I am exhausted. DP came home yesterday after being away all day at work, and I turned the kids over to her. I can see now why the stay at home person just walks away at the end of the day when their DP's come home. The house is a wreck, I can't pee in peace, the noise level is insane . . .

And to think we did this all voluntarily!

*beans goes to find her black and white striped referee shirt*