Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love my mechanic!!

How many people can say they love their mechanic? Well, I do. I have been going to this same Meineke for years now . . .seems that no matter how far I have moved away, I still end up back there. There are three guys that have been there all along with a few gems that have come and gone. There's Eddie who owns the place-and he is rarely around--but when he is, the service times are outstanding--though I have to say that I am a bit sad at the reduced amount of time I got to spend with "my boys"!! There's this guy Jim who is just an overall nice guy who just got married for the first time at age 50 or something like that. Then there's Kenny. Kenny and I hit it off from the start, and he thinks I am just some crazed lesbian woman who has serious OCD issues around her car--which in all honestly used to be very true! He is always very patient, and appreciates me for who I am. He shows me things when he tells me something is wrong or needs to be fixed, he has extended credit to me on occasion, and he is just very funny. We have good laughs together and I enjoy going there. I don't, however, enjoy spending the money to go there. But at least I always know that they are fair and are doing what they need to in order for me to remain safe and to spend the least amount of money overall.

Oh, and they loan me a two toned ancient truck when they need the car longer than expected, and the best part--they let me bring the dog. They feel as if Addie should be their shop dog--which I almost agreed to since sending her there daily would be much cheaper than doggy daycare! They said they would have to change her name to Moe and give her a spiked collar. Wasn't sure how I feel about that now, so for now she'll just go visit.

Everyone should have that kind of mechanic in their lives.


Jenster said...

That kind of service/relationship is very rare!! No wonder you always go back.

I dunno, though. I think I could see Addie in a spiked collar. She could easily pull it off.

Lynilu said...

I've been lucky like that for over 20 years. Right now, with the move and a new car(1.5 years ago), I haven't developed that relationship yet. I hope it's a long time before I have to!

Cheryl said...

You are so lucky. What I wouldn't give for that type of mechanic! That is truly special.

I deleted A Life of Triggers, and will be starting a new blog soon. I will keep up with yours of course, but wanted you to know why it is gone. I had some problems with a certain blogger, who claims to know me, but won't say who she is. Creepy. But, my middle name is Eileen, so I will be under Cheryl, my real name.

beans said...

Cheryl-Oh, glad to know where you went . . .sorry you have to deal with that! Keep me posted on your return!

Jen-I know, she would have too sweet of a face to pull it off. Though sometimes her lip gets caught on her teeth and she looks mean . .

Lyn-Glad you haven't needed it. They are good folks to know!

Cheryl said...

Ok, I am at my new home. Hopefully this link will work.