Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the doghouse

I should be in the doghouse for not writing . . but alas here I am.

This weekend has been hot as heck, especially today. We went swimming in the neighbors pool that was only half full since he was draining it . . .we were desperate.

Today we built the doghouses that we got for the pups. They are these cute log cabin looking things--I know we are dorky, but we're like that. We also put the kennel flooring in-and we left a space for them to take care of their business. Looks nice. I took some photos and will update this soon with lovely photos of the kennel-I think Riley even posed in one of them.

Not much else going on. . .went back to church today for the first time in like a month and it felt good to be back and see some of my people.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and another busy week. Maybe it will be cooler and I can be less cranky . . .right now we are watching Catch and Release . . .cute so far.

Until next time-

**Update with Pictures**

OK, so here you can see the semi close up shot of the kennel with the two houses and the flooring. Watch, they will both try and cram into on of the houses. We got them from

Here's Riley posing in front!

And just a cute picture for fun! His ears have fallen, which we are told is normal when they are teething! He looks so cute. Stay tuned for another installment of Addie's Corner later this week!


Power Up Love said...
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Jenster said...

When do you think we'll have our first snow? Not soon enough.

I missed you today. Todd made me sign us up for the 8:00 service when it starts in two weeks. Have I ever told you how I'm NOT a morning person?

beans said...

OHHH, yes, Stacey made me sign up, too! So we should all sit together and nudge each other awake. We can take turns!! It will be just like back in the day at catholic church when my father would whack us in the leg when we were falling asleep!

Lynilu said...

I love the picture of Riley!! His head is cocked almost upside down, for heaven sake! How cute!

Y'all did some awesome work in that kennel. I'm impressed! I'll letcha know when I need some work done, OK? LOL!

Lynilu said...

Now you ARE in the doghouse. Let's see, you posted this on 9/14, today is 9/23, that's.....

TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get with it!

Daisy said...

That is an awesome looking kennel!!!