Friday, September 26, 2008


OK, so I know who I am voting for, but if you were to ask me why, I would just say cause I don't want another republican in the office. Though I truly believe that this person would do a good job, I just feel so overwhelmed by the he/said she said of it all. One will say the other did such a horrible thing, and then the other will come back with a comeback . . .and then the evening news will run a story saying the most of the claims made by the candidates are not true.

So my question is--who the heck to you believe . . .how do you make a case for either?

I just feel very frustrated with the unknowing of it all. Seems like everyone is lying these days.


Jenster said...

My sentiments exactly!

Eileen said...

It is frustrating, I get so sick of it. Sometimes I just have to tune it out or I get so confused. I do know I have to vote where my values seem closest to the Party. Gotta vote Democratic.

You make the perfect point!