Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Officer Down

Last week an officer was shot in the line of duty. I happened to be relatively near where it happened, and actually had to pull over since the amount of cops responding to the scene were massive. It amazed me that no one dies at the hand of cops going to these sorts of things--I seriously thought someone was going to get hit.

In any case, today is the public viewing and funeral for this officer, and today on my way to a visit I saw many many squads on motorcycles from other towns going to the funeral. For some reason it just makes me so sad.

I know any of us are at risk just in every day life, especially those who are in certain higher crime areas, but I can't imagine the struggle of families who's relatives are cops and firefighters and in like professions.

Not much else to say about it--just sad that this has to happen. Not to mention the sad state of affairs of the gentleman who did it. We talked in our social work supervision last week about what has to happen to to a child to have such a history of aggression at an early age. I am reading a book--that I should have read in graduate school-called Ghosts from the Nursery talking about the history of violence in young children. This guy was an adult, but he had a significant juvenile record. They reported that when he shot him at close range in the face, he then stood over him and continued to shoot him. That's anger . . .that's serious rage . . .that's sad. Just and FYI, the suspect was later killed by another officer.

Just sad . . .


Lynilu said...

The cycle of violence. And sadly, people in it don't realize that they are violent or victims of violence. It is just their way of life most times. What a sad commentary of our world.

Jenster said...

I've been watching it all on the news. We just watched another service for a fallen cop a week or so ago.

You're so right. Sad, sad, sad.

Cheryl said...

That is so very, very sad. I am going to order that book, I never heard of it. I'm working with a young man (12) who has has a history of violence. He is such a good kid, has so much potential, but I am in a war with the street life and the gangs. Too much pull. I'm trying so hard to find ways to win this war, one kid at a time. The teacher in the class told me to face the truth and to have no expectations for him. That made me even more determined.

So sorry for the sadness and how senseless it all is.