Monday, January 05, 2009

Things for the New Year

For the New Year, we have decided to work on the following:

1. Eating better . . .This means eating more food that we prepare from in season food, food that we can get locally, organic vegetables (we would want more organic, but we can't afford it all). We will only eat out once a week as well. We will try and make meals that we can freeze for future days. (This means buying a small freezer for the basement) DP will work on learning to can for the summer when we have veggies. I have also made a commitment to not be so rigid about my food and counting calories and such. With my new birthmas present, i have downloaded an application called Lose it. Here i can record my food daily from a searcheable database. I can even add foods that aren't listed, and it keeps them for me to refer to later. Also tracks nutrients that I select such as carbs and fiber, and weight chart. You can add exercise and with all the info you put in it tells you what you should be eating calorie wise given what you want to lose.

2. Money . . .we want to work on our debt. We have so much debt . . .heard a sermon today at church about working as hard as you can to eliminate debt. They also talked about what it would be like if this financial crisis is only the beginning and it gets worse-a lot worse? I just don't want to have all this hanging on me. While I type this, I also know that we will need to replace my car in the next six months, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for this. But alas we will try and work on it diligently.

3. Exercise . . .we decided to each be responsible for a pup a day and being sure they get walked. Also, once i start the new job they have a gym there and i am secretly excited about prospects of working out again. i am definitely a gym kind of person, so this will be good. i need to get myself into some kind of better shape physically. given that i am already dealing with bone and body issues, it makes sense that i work on this--though it hurts to work on it.

4. Flexibility . . .DP keeps reminding me that I need to be flexible, and I have been able to ask for more support about challenging my thoughts about rigidity. She is doing all of this with me, and i can't tell you how much that means to me. everything you read says that outcomes are much better when you have support, and even more so when that support is the closest person to you. together we have a better chance at succeeding.

I just want to feel better about myself. I am really working on myself and am doing so well, and these things can only move me forward. I need to find the balance between healthy and obsessive . . This is hard for me as I get obsessive very quickly.

Wish us luck! It has been a few days, and we are doing well. I even tried raw cauliflower today and liked it. People, this is HUGE! I am excited!


Lynilu said...

Great goals! And reasonably attainable, a wise path you've chosen! good luck with all of it!

beans said...

Lyn-Thanks for the encouragement! I will surely need it. Though it really makes you appreciate your fun foods. I had the best 2 tablespoons of M&M's tonight! Who'd have thunk that!