Sunday, January 04, 2009

Finally Back

Hellllllloooooo Everyone! I am glad to be back and in a space that I can write and let everyone know what I have been up to. Thanks Lyn for the swift kick in the a** to get me going.

First off, it was a very good vacation. We did a lot of traveling. Typically this would be a good thing, and in the past we have always booked on Midwest as we thought they had the larger and more comfortable seats around--oh, and you get a free chocolate chip cookie. Who can beat that. Well, seems as if Midwest has done some downsizing and now are only flying their smaller planes to WI--meaning smaller seats. This sucks people because I have a fat bottom. In fact, so does DP-->two fat bottoms in a small seat does not for a good flight make. We have come to accept this, and are working on reducing the largeness of our bottoms . . .but alas I digress. We get on the plane and find ourselves very, VERY close. Smushed to the point that we weren't going ANYWHERE should that plane have gone down. It was quite embarrassing really, and I am so glad I was traveling with DP and could be close to her. We vowed to not feel that way the next time we fly.

We were delayed getting out of Philly by about 3 hours, though we did get to see Santa at the airport and had our picture taken with him. We made it to Green Bay around 6pm which wasn't too bad. It was -5 degrees when we got there--COLD, but there was a ton of snow on the ground, and it snowed almost every other day while there.

While there we enjoyed the company of DP's family, including her sister and her boyfriend who came over from MN. We had a good time on Christmas day, and watched a few movies while there-including my new favorite-Mama Mia! How fun is that movie. I voted to watch the sing along version, but was vehemently shot down.

The day after we celebrated my birthday by going shopping. Not my first choice of birthday activities, but it was tolerable and I even managed to find some goodies.

I got the best Birthmas present this year. I got an iPhone which I am in love with. I am struggling right now with finding that balance between wanting to be connected, and feeling TOO connected. It was lovely to be able to look something up the other day while DP was driving, and be able to click on a phone number from a website and have the phone call it. I have been slightly distressed about not having the calendar application I need, since a majority of the reason I got this thing was to reduce the amount of gadgets I carry. I am looking at how I can get Outlook. It is very expensive, and I thought I would see if maybe someone had it that I could use. We will see. Once that little bug is figured out I will feel settled with it. For now I will maintain my Palm. DP was very jealous of my phone and ended up buying one of her own last night with her Christmas earnings.

I received a lot of other great things, and I am continually amazed at how well DP's family knows me and gets me. Their gifts are generally spot on!

It was good to just hang out and lay low. We had to board the dogs, and we were missing them a lot. Luckily we had Riley's sister Molly to keep us company. She was a riot in the snow, and made us wonder how Riley would be in the snow--not that we will ever know because apparently it doesn't snow in PA anymore.

As for the pups . . .we boarded them at this place that looks great, and the people seemed really nice. We visited twice and made the decision to board there even though it was pricey and about 40 minutes away. We signed them up for three half days of daycare each, and gave them the appropriate number of toys allowed. They would be boarded together, which we were happy about. We called once and checked on them and they said they were doing well. We picked them up and checked out. We realized we weren't charged for daycare, but just assumed they forgot to charge us. When we got home, we realized that none of their toys had been taken out of the bag, and I was really mad about this. Could it have been that they didn't go to daycare and also didn't have their toys? This was NOT a cheap place to board the dogs, and I am really upset thinking that they were in the kennel for 10 days with no toys and no opportunity to get out. Also, when we picked them up we were told that Addie had pooped in the kennel that morning and they needed to bathe them . . .we got there around 1pm and they were still pretty wet, and it was COLD. I don't know. I am really upset and want to call and ask them, but what do I say . . .I am SO not confrontational! I think we will look for another place to try the next time.

Riley starts training this week, and due to Addie's behavior and the fact that the class is not full, they are going to let us bring Addie back through as well for a refresher. Since the kennel, Addie has been acting out and growling and snapping at Riley for coming near her, or near any of the toys. They seem to be better today, but they weren't really like this before. We have to be better at walking them daily, and have decided that we will each be responsible for a pup a day to walk.

What else--more about my visit with my parents in another post. We went up there after we returned on 1/31 and spent new Years with them. As always it was a dramatic event . . .

Hope you all had a great holiday and Happy New Year.


Daisy said...

Glad you had a nice vacation and a good Christmas, but it's nice to have you back!!!

OH*WOW!!! I really hate feeling smooshed on an airplane. I have a big bottom too.

I like the sounds of your birthmas gift. NICE!!! Actually, I like the term birthmas!!!

OH*WOW!!! I REALLY think I would have to call the pricey kennel and just inquire what happened with the dogs. Did they get their day care? Why were their toys not taken out? Were they in there the whole time all 10 days and that you are very concerned. Ultimately, I would definitely look for another kennel for next time. Depending on how the conversation with pricey kennel goes is whether or not you tell them how unhappy you were/are and that you will be taking them elsewhere in the future.

Good luck with the training.

Lynilu said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas and birthday. It sounds great!

I agree with Daisy, you need to check out what happened at the kennel. I know it can be difficult to be assertive, but it needs to be done. Can DP handle it? If Addie came back aggressive toward Riley, something went wrong there, and the fact that they didn't have their familiar toys, comfort items, is concerning to me. Let us know what you find out.

And .... welcome back!!

Jenster said...

I hate airplanes! I don't mind flying, I just hate sitting ramrod straight for however many hours the flight is so I don't invade my neighbor's space. Unless it's one of my kids or Todd.

It was hard to board Sookie for a week, too. We really missed her. I would have been furious if they hadn't done what they were supposed to do, too. I agree with the other very wise ladies. I would contact the kennel and ask if they didn't do the daycare or give them their toys. That's just wrong.

BTW - It was good to see you and your big smile this morning!!

beans said...

Daisy-- Yes, it was a good trip besides the squished booty in the plane. but i am working on that! I think I should copyright the term birthmus . . .you think websters would accept it?

Lyn--Thanks for the welcome back. See new post for update on kids. I need to work on being more assertive--I am surely getting better, but it is still very hard for me.

Jen--It was really good to see you yesterday as well. I forgot how much I miss church when I am not there for a few weeks. I would have been mortified if I had to sit next to someone else, and luckily i could just be REAL close to jen for the ride. i felt bad about accepting the chocolate chip cookie--like not eating it would have helped. oh well, we made it there and back alive, and i guess that's all that matters, right?