Monday, January 05, 2009

Kennel Update

So DP called the kennel--thanks in part to my annoying her endlessly until she did. THANKS sweetie!

They said the daycare was actually closed due to a bad case of puppy bronchitis and they were instructed by their vet to not have daycare. They also said it was a pretty serious strain, and that we should watch the dogs. Would you have not thought this would have been important to mention to us when we picked the dogs up?

As for the toys, they said that during high traffic times, such a holidays that they do not use toys brought from home since it is too much to keep track of. Again, fishy if i say so myself.

all of it makes sense, but doesn't make me feel like i want to use them again. Jen, you will have to share with me where you took Sookie.

oh well, at least we are home and back with our woofies. riley is much more clingy than usual, and we think he has a cold. he is sneezing up a storm, and has a really runny nose. i sort of feel like i should shove tissues up hi nose like i do when my nose is runny in the middle of the night. i use one tissue and plug up both holes. works well for catching the drips--even if i do look like a bull.

alas, i don't think we would appreciate the gesture. for now it is enough to stay out of line of snot fire when he sneezes.

thanks for all your encouragement with what we should ask and say at the kennel.

Special message for Lyn--3 posts in two days!! what do i get for THAT?


squeakybean said...

I just found your blog... my partner and I can't stop laughing at the adorable pics of your dogs, especially the 2 in a bed pictures. We have 2 rescue pups... a few pics are on my bog. :)

Lynilu said...

Oh, Beans! I hope Riley's sneezing isn't the puppy crud they now tell you was in the kennel while the babies were there! Check with your vet and ask what to watch out for, just in case. Stupid kennel. But good for DP's call and your nagging.

And wowzer-rootie-tootie on the three .... read it! .... 3 posts!!! You go, girl!!! LOL!

Jenster said...

Hmm... A little suspicious if you ask me...

We took the Sookinator to a place called Buttonwood in Schwenksville. We have friends that use a really good place in Kimberton, too. That might be a little closer to you.

And I can't believe you're trying to keep up with Lyn. She's like the Superblogger!

Daisy said...

I am very happy DP called the kennel. I have a REAL problem with the kennel and what they told you. First, Daycare was closed because of illness...serious at that. They didn't tell you that when you dropped the dogs off? Ok, maybe it did not happen until after the fact but they DEFINITELY should have told you when you picked them up. What the heck?

Secondly, they should have told you right from the get go that toys from home would not be allowed during holiday time.

I would be concerned about Riley who has a cold. Did he pick up germs from a pricey but obviously germy kennel? If you take him to the vet for his cold, I would tell the vet about the germy kennel.

I would never take my dog to that place again and make sure anyone who has to board their animals to stay away from pricey, germy kennel.