Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update-how's that for creative!`

Ok, so here goes-

1. I am still not feeling all that great, though I am a bit better. Surgery is scheduled for Monday afternoon, and should be a go unless I deteriorate quickly which is not likely. My parents are coming in tomorrow as the surgery is scheduled for the same time that I was to be at the airport getting my brother off the plane from his visit to see my other brother. DP will now go get him, and dad will go with me to the hospital. Having my parents here will be its own kind of stress, but they are fairly good caretakers in these types of situations . . .though if mom calls one more time to ask about food I will have to scream. Mom said she didn't want me to be stressed about the menu like I was last Christmas, and I reminded her that I wasn't stressed about it, but her daily calls to check on what we were having, what the plans were, was the shopping done . . .THAT is what was stressful! I told her this past week that I would have her a menu by this weekend, and she promptly called Wednesday and told me I had taken too long and she informed me of what the plan would be . . .hello, NOT THE WEEKEND MOTHER! Oh well. I am glad they are coming to help out. They were supposed to come Tuesday anyways, and they will leave Saturday.

2. As you may or may not know, I am currently working as a social worker in a grant funded position which was originally set to end funding in June, but they got an extension until the end of January. I have been wondering what was going to happen with me and a job as of January, and we met before my trip to San Diego and we agreed that I would start worrying at the end of November. Fast forward to last week when a friend that works at a place that I worked at for 6 years called and said there was a social work position available in their school and would I be interested in interviewing for it.

Now, a little background about this place. It is a residential facility and a school for children and adults who have autism, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, etc. I started working there in 2000 and worked my way up in the course of 6 years. I was very well respected there, and left a very good impression on them. I enjoyed my time there, though at the end the last position I had was a bit rough-but I think that was because the program I was in was in its infancy and there was a lot of kinks to work out. Then I had to finish my masters and then there wasn't an appropriate position for me and I left. DP continued to work there for a bit after I left, and then she too left. Every time I went back, I would be constantly stopped by staff to ask how I was and to chat with me.

I went for an interview on Wednesday, and they offered me the job at the end asking me to let them know by Friday what I was going to do. I would be working in the school as a social worker--a lot of transition planning and family counseling. The money is good, and the hours would be 8-4 ish . . .no on call, no weekends unless I need to meet with visiting families. It is 16 minutes from my house, and in the middle of the country with horses and I can bring the dog. Yeah, this is a place where the two top in charge have dogs running around and it is not uncommon for dogs to be in classrooms and offices. I suggested they start a doggie day care and the vocational rooms could help run it and the CEO said that was a great idea . . .we'll see.

In any case, I accepted the position and will start full time in the middle of January. I then had to talk to my current supervisor about it-who started this whole thing when last Monday I asked her--"So, If a job happens to come my way, what would you suggest?" She told me that I should look into it. I took that as permission and reassurance that they really had nothing for me after January. She took the news well, and asked me if I would stay on as a contractor to keep the program going on a night/weekend basis for 8 hours a week. I will probably do this so at least I can still help out, and it is extra money for me.

I am excited about the opportunities that this new job can have. DP asked me if I was sorry that I took the job I have now, and I said absolutely NOT. I have learned so much in this job that I wouldn't trade for anything. I remember being so scared about doing home visits and working in the city with the population that I do, and now I am honored to have been in this situation. It will all be helpful--especially if they move me to the Director of Social Services role, which they talked about happening. Right now I would be the only SW so being a director now would be pointless, but they are looking to bring in a part time SW for the adults.

All very exciting. I am definitely feeling better knowing that I will have a steady job lined up, and that while the job itself will be new, the people there really respect me and are so glad to have me coming back.

I should get going--we have a very long list of things to do today, and a puppy play date at 1pm. What fun!


Daisy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! On your new job. How cool!

Daisy said...

PS. Hoping your surgery goes well and you are feeling better soon. Aren't families great?

beans said...

Daisy-I am excited. They seem very happy to have me, and it is always nice to go where people like and want you. I hope it continues! Families are great, though it is also hard to see them and how limited they are. BUT, they are here and trying and that's all I can ask for.