Saturday, November 22, 2008

In memory of Toothy . . .

Droopy . . .Brownie . . .Toothy

We lost a little piggy this morning . . .Toothy was one of the three brothers we brought home from the guinea pig rescue--the one who dove off the table and broke all of his teeth off the first day we had him--thus the name Toothy. We had to hand feed him for a week or so until his teeth grew back. Now we just have Droopy left as we lost Brownie early on to sickness about a year and a half ago. I think after the Droopy goes we will not get any little critters for a while. We had a good run with these little guys and now we've got big Pups to deal with as well.

Just thought I would share.


Cheryl said...

So sorry about Toothy. All three of them look so cute. I hope the last one left isn't lonely.
I'd say you got your hands full with those beautiful dogs! Still, I still hate when a pet dies.

Hope your feeling better. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post. I appreciate much.

Lynilu said...

It is hard to lose any pet, and I'm so sorry for you, but for Droopy more than anything.

We had some wee pigs when my kids were small, too. When we moved from Albuquerque to KC, we thought that it was not good to try to move them, so the kids and I made a decision to give them to the zoo. It was nice that we got to go see them once before we left, and they seemed very happy with a whole new family of guinea pigs.

Good luck with the remaining baby. :')

Daisy said...

AAWWW!!! I am SO sorry to hear about your little pig.

beans said...

Cheryl-Yes-we feel bad as we haven't been as attentive to the pigs since the woofies came along. They were always taken care of, but holding them and stuff has been limited. While I am sad, I also know that we won't get anymore little critters. I appreciate your blog and your honesty and resolve to make your family work!

Lyn-I guess you would know about losing pets :( Yes, DP and I need to spend more time with him now. Though we noticed that he is getting thinner as well-and they are older-like 5 years old which for a pig is old.

Daisy-Thanks. He is now with his buddies on the side of the house. I bet he's running around up there looking for food--he was always a food hog!