Friday, August 22, 2008

What have I been up to!

Oh so very busy around here. Life with three puppies, a DP, her family, and lots to do has been hectic--but we are having lots of fun.

The other day we went to see DP's sister in Minneapolis--which by the way is really hard to say sometimes, especially with a lack of coffee in your system. It has been known to come out as "Minne-ne-min-opolis" at times. Oh well-much funnier in person! It was a good time. We were able to see the site of the bridge collapse, which consequently is right behind their house a few blocks up. They are doing amazing reconstruction, so you can imagine the traffic concerns still.

Then we went shopping around town. We went to see some tile, glass, and pottery places. I bought a few tiles at this really neat store called Clay Squared and we found some neat numbers for our house. They had to make one of the numbers we needed, so they will ship it all out together which is nice. We won't have to worry about it breaking on our watch! Then we gallivanted around some more. We went to another place called Saint Sabrina's tattoo and piercing place to get my earrings switched out. I got my earring put in there a few years ago when we were visiting and they were really nice--clean, too which is always a plus! While there, I talked with the woman who helped me, who is one of the piercers, and I noticed that she had self-injury scars that were tattooed over. We talked about this a bit, since I was told that I couldn't tattoo over my scars. It was nice to talk to someone-weird as it was at a tattoo place-who was in a good place about her scars. She said she covered them up because it was easier than telling people why she had them in the first place. While there, we also saw a girl--who was CLEARLY in the rebellion phase of her life who declared to us that she was getting her cl** pierced. Hmm, so my lady goes from piercing THAT to working on my ears. I guess the work isn't boring!

We then went to this great store that had all eco friendly home stuff. I can't remember the name of it, but not only did it have great products, but it also had really neat free info you could take. We also went to Bibelot, which is a store that I would spend way too much money in if we had one close to us. Very fun to go to new places and see new fun things!! We were able to get some holiday presents checked off the list. Oh, there was a neato pet store and trendy baby store as well that we were able to get a present in for my little tyke nephew--who is going to be 5 in January--not so little tyke I guess.


The first day we were there, we went to The Mall of America. For those of you who know me well, you know that I hate malls, and typically hate to shop. You won't believe then when you hear that it was MY idea to go to MOA. I figured I needed at least to say I had been there. Well, we did all three floors-and the first floor twice! We had a good time, a good meal, and I can now say I have been there!

Well, that was that. I have a puppy update in me as well, but I have to take a break. The computer access here is ify, and sometimes really slow. The pictures take a long time to load.

DP's sister is coming to town today with her boyfriend, and they will be here for the weekend. We are going to this large art fest in Green Bay this weekend called Art Street. I am very excited to see what they have to offer, especially the pottery. We will also try our hand at BINGO at the Casino tonight. Should be loads of fun. Maybe we will even do some nickle slots. Always a good time--with our $20 limited stash of cash that is!!

Hope you are all well. Stay tuned for the puppy update!

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