Saturday, August 23, 2008

Unbelievably cute dogs!

I know everyone says and thinks their dogs are the cutest things ever. I know several of my regular readers have adorable pups of their own--some really crazy readers have MANY dogs!

For those of you who don't appreciate dogs, or don't like them. I am sorry. Here goes . . .

Addie, Riley, and Molly--DP's parents dog from the same litter!! How cute are they! This was in a rare moment where they weren't trying to put each others heads in their mouths!!

Addie showing her little brother who is in charge. Though when Riley is on the deck, he is all sorts of vocal and assertive! Very funny to watch because he will get all excited and fall off the deck and then he sees Addie and is like, "Oh, shoot, retreat, RETREAT!!!" Then he, or Molly will head under the grill where Addie can't quite get to them.

After all the messing around, Riley goes to the chair on the deck where he just sacks out. Sometimes I will go to the other chair and he will crawl up and just look at me. He needs the stair on the deck to get into the chair, so that is the only one he can get in for now. He won't fit in that chair for long!! He now weighs 20.9 lbs!! His sister is only .2 lbs smaller-though he looks so much bigger!

Hello in there . . .

This is Molly. Yesterday Riley put the whole thing on his head and was walking around with it on his head. They do this sort of drunk looking walk when they are carrying this around, I think because they can't see.

Could these girls look any more guilty?????

This is Addie before her morning cup of coffee. Good thing she has that big mug of joe to get her going!! How telling is that picture. This must feel like doggy day care everyday for her, and this morning the pups and Addie were so low key and droopy. I think it is all catching up to them. Just in time for DP's sister to arrive with her dog, Willie. I think mom and dad should just hang a kennel sign out front!!!


Lynilu said...

Ahem. Well, at least you didn't say *too* many dogs!

Your boy is a cutie! I'll bet Addie will enjoy having a buddy around. Unless the two-leggers in the house are stay-at-homes, I think dogs should have a buddy. It can be another dog or a cat, whatever works. I'm pretty sure I heard Addie say, "Thanks, Moms!!"

Eileen said...

Your dogs are adorable!! My 4 year old (80 pound, gentle giant) looks just like them. Such sweethearts! Last month we got a 8 pound puppy. It is interesting watching the 2 of them interact, the older girl (Sadie) is so sweet with her, but doesn't hesitate to stick out a paw, to say "enough now." Enjoy your babies, they look like pure joy.

Jenster said...

They are so very cute!!! All three of them!!!