Saturday, August 16, 2008

Addie's Corner- Episode 5

What a trip. I don't even know where to begin . . .all I know is that the moms got up soooo early the other day--I was still sleeping, which means it had to have been early because I am a "Rise and Shine" kind of gal, and that means EARLY!! I lay there in my bed hoping they would go back to sleep-but they didn't. I think the clock read 4am. At least they fed me and then I got to get in the car. They bought me this new thing for the car which helps me from not falling down between the seats. I don't have such good balance in the car, and sometimes I get marooned in between the seats when I fall. They said it would be dangerous to try and un-maroon me while travelling at high speeds, er, I mean the speed limit of course!! This lets me lay on the seat in all sorts of positions and get comfy. Good thing cause we drove and drove and drove some more. Here I am posing with my new car hammock! Aren't I pretty?

I saw a lot of this while we were driving. Moms said they never expected me to be such a good traveler--they told everyone they talked to on that little phone that I was so good. We stayed in a neato hotel in Maumee, OH where they had the neatest park with trails and little kids I could sniff after. I got to run around the hotel room like a little banshee and not even get in trouble. I slept the whole night-until they woke up early again--then I saw more and more of this!! OHH, while we were on the trip, we stopped a couple of times at these big places with lots of cars and people, and I had to stay on my leash. I didn't like that part so much. I was so distracted by the cars and people, and can you imagine that there were people who DIDN'T want to play with me--sheesh. Clearly they missed out on supreme cuteness. I had to pee and poop on my leash (well, not ON my leash casue that would be unrefined and I am NOT unrefined!) and that isn't so fun when you are used to complete freedom in the bathroom department if you know what I mean. I managed though.

The moms got me some new toys to play with in the car, and this was by far my favorite. I call her elephant, and I like to chew on her and hug her. Here I am sleeping with her nearby to me--keeping her safe of course.

Finally we arrived at grandma and grand pop's house. There I got to meet grandma first, since grand pop was out fishing in Canada-wherever that is. She was really nice and she pet me and loved all over me. Finally someone who fully appreciates my cuteness!! Then it happened--the moment I had been waiting for months for . . .

I got to meet my kid brother Riley. Here is is being silly. He and his sister Molly--who is really my aunt, and mom and dad will eventually be grand pop and grandma (sorta like a bad Kentucky soap opera!!) have been hanging out here for a few weeks. Well, now that I am here I can take charge. I have let them know their place--which is on the deck, and when they try and leave I herd them back. It's a good system I think--though I keep getting yelled at when I try and put their heads in my mouth. I don't know why, but for some reason that makes the people yell at me. They say I am a good babysitter though.

The kids found a plastic Folgers coffee can-kids these days are starting to drink coffee so much earlier then when I was a kid. This is a picture of me monitoring the situation. I like to be sure everyone is doing ok, and not getting into trouble. It is exhausting work. I was so tired last night that I slept until 6:30 this morning, which is REALLY 7:30 our old time . . .

They like to sleep under the grill-strange kids they are. This was this afternoon where I was making sure that they stayed out of trouble. Good thing they have me around--could you even imagine the kind of trouble they would get into without me. I have some big responsibility now--to be a good big sister and make sure they grow up to be just as perfect as ME!! I am sure you will hear more from mom about how this trip goes. She is getting all anxious and stuff about bringing Riley home-said something like maybe needing a tranquilizer for the way home. Not sure if that is for Riley, or for mom. Stay tuned!!


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Lynilu said...

Oh my, Addie! You are in for a great adventure!Having a little brother will be fun for you. I hope your little sister/aunt Mollie doesn't get too lonely without Riley. But I'm guessing that grandma and grandpop are gonna spoil her till she doesn't notice.

You should visit my house. I brought home our newest family member yesterday. Her name is Jazmyn. You can tell your moms to see her picture on my blog. She is a lot smaller than you. Smaller than Riley, too! Everyone here seems to be really happy that she had joined us.

I really like that hammock you have in the car! Wow! Maybe I should look at one of those for my babies, what do you think?

Tell your moms hello, and have a safe drive home!