Sunday, August 03, 2008

Overheard at my parents house

**Background-my mother has charcots disease-which means that she has over the years gotten really funky, misshapen feet that she has no feeling in due to the neuropathy from diabetes. She has had an infection for the last year or so in her foot, and about three months ago they had to go in and drain in. The wound hasn't healed, and in an effort to help it, they agreed to put pig skin on it. Too weird for me, but ok. She has been waiting and today this is the conversation that was had. I will do my best to recreate it**

Beans- So what's happening with mom's foot?

Dad-The doctor is still waiting to hear-apparently it costs a lot of money, so they need to be sure it is really needed and such.

B-they're still using the skin, right?


B-huh, wonder what's taking them so long

D- we'll they're now going to use foreskin-since they said that would be better

DP-WOW, foreskin, huh. Wonder how that works.

D-she only needs to cover a small amount

B-i wonder why it is taking so long to get that from a pig

DP-so it's possible that she could have black skin on her foot?

D-I guess so.

B-I didn't know there were black pigs, much less black foreskin. I wonder how they get the foreskin off of a pig

DP-beans, they aren't talking about pigs anymore . . .

B-What? OH, OHHH, EWE . . . .

Then everyone thought it was really funny that I was still wondering how they got foreskins from pigs, when in fact they weren't talking about pigs anymore. I was a little slow on the uptake.

Guess you had to be there. It was really very . . .very funny. In re-reading this to DP to assure the accurateness of the re-creation, she has reacted with uproarious laughter again. Glad I could provide some laughs all around.


Lynilu said...

Soooooo. When you mom says, "My f***ing foot hurts," she's not just kidding! Oh, I'm sorry! I just couldn't help myself!!

Jenster said...

OMG. I can't think of anything else to say. LOL

Lynilu - you naughty girl!!!! heehee

beans said...

Lyn--hehe, I know. I can't believe all the various things that have gone on in my head around this!!

Jenster-Yeah, well, I have left you speechless, huh?

I am glad I could share this story here--you know, not really something you share at lunch at the autism conference!