Monday, August 04, 2008

Things found in the garden

When we first started with the garden, I was a bit obsessive about weeding it. Now that the tomatoes are towering over my head, I can't get in there as much as I can. The other day we finally spotted some red tomatoes, and so I plowed through.

I was in there and started to pull some weeds. Now I can't stop at just one or two, and I end up going crazy. There I am, weeding along, and then I saw this large thing in the corner of the garden. I immediately jumped and felt my heart thumping wondering what kind of critter was in the garden with me. I went around the fence to see, and lo and behold I see a ginormous pumpkin the size of a small elephant.

How the heck did I miss this ginormous thing growing in the garden. I called DP and reported that there was a pumpkin growing in the garden that was as big as my ass. I don't think she believed me until she herself spotted the thing and saw just how big it was.

So focused on the weeds that I miss this. Sheesh.


Jenster said...

I have a shrub bed (is that what it's called? Because it has shrubs and not flowers) that's in bad need of weeding. You wanna come do it for me??

So are you thinking jack o'lantern, pumpkin pie or something else??

Lynilu said...

Think of the analogy of this story. How often are we so caught up in the weeds in our lives that we overlook the big, beautiful pumpkins that are part of our lives, too?

I want a picture of that pumpkin!!

beans said...

Jen-Hehe, It is amazing how much I like to weed-until it gets out of control and then I am scared of them. Not sure what will become of the pumpkin. I have named him Fred.

Lyn-Yes, you are very right! Such a wise old, er, I mean, um . . .pictures to come.