Friday, August 01, 2008

Autism, Autism, Autism

We are off tomorrow to the week long autism conference at Penn State. I went a few years ago as a presenter, but this year we are both just attending. Of course DP didn't register in time-like I clearly prompted her a million times to do--so hopefully she doesn't get stuck listening to something crappy all week. I thought it was a secret ploy to not have to leave the room and have her nose in a book all week, but she vehemently denies this!

Things have been ok. Addie is doing well, and seems to be adjusting well to a new food-simply duck and rice. Supposed to be good for dogs with IBD-which is what she probably has. We are so ready to meet Riley, and found out yesterday he weighs in at a hefty 15lbs. He is just 9 weeks old!

I am hanging in there-ready for a therapy break for a few weeks. I will see her once while we are back, and then not for a few weeks.

I had lunch today with the woman that I served with at Kid's Camp, and she was very cool with the whole gay thing. It was a very fun lunch! I am thankful that I pursued meeting with her despite my anxiety about how she would react.

Posting could be sparse over the next few weeks as we are away this week, come back for a few days, and then are off to Wisconsin for two weeks.

I have another post, but I will save it for tomorrow. Hope all is well in your corners!

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