Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The princess inside

I have a secret that I have been hiding from all of you. The secret is . . . .

I have a little princess inside that is dying to get out. I first discovered this a few months ago when I was looking for a new sleepy time outfit. I usually like the shelf bra type of shirts or night shirts, but I was having a hard time finding one of those that would suffice. I settled for looking at TJ MAXX.

What I found there was a purple (which is my favorite color) nighty-sleepy-thing, that happened to have ever so slight little things on the bottom-I don't even know what they are called. They have layers-kind of, like two layers of little swishy fabric. Well, they have become known as my princess pajamas.

No, they don't have barbies or princesses on them--but if I twirl fast enough (which is hard to do at my age and stature, since any kind of twirling makes me want to hurl) you can see the little flowy part on the bottom flail out and it is very fun.

With that said, I was recently taxed with the burden of looking for a new laptop to replace mine that was dying-and in fact just turned itself off periodically--which was more often these days. We went to Best Buy to by father in law's birthday present, and lo and behold I see a laptop that catches my eye. Why would any old laptop catch my eye??

Well, this one happens to be a lovely cosmopolitan pink color!! It is not hot pink or really girly pink, but a nice metallic pink. We went home and thought about life with a pink computer would do to my reputation, and in the end I though it sounded great! We drove to Delaware the next day for some tax free shopping, and I am the proud new owner of the following cosmopolitan pink laptop.

I really like it so far. What I love most right now is the very similar feel it has to the ibook. I had one of those at my last job and I liked the feel and look of the newer keypads. It also has a slot right on it for an SD card, which means I can blog more often with pictures since I am not reliant on DP's computer for the camera hook up. I like the Vista so far as well, though I am sure I will find some things that are not good, for now I am thoroughly enjoying my princess computer.

Now won't it be a fun princess-y day when I work on my princess computer in my princess pj's???

Stick a fork in me, I am done!!


Lynilu said...

You're such a princess, and all in pink and purple!! Sleep tight tonight, Miss Princess!!


beans said...

hehe--too fun!