Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Addie's Corner Episode 4

Well, it seems as if I have a fan club. How cool am I??

Well, things around here have been exciting. The new routine of the moms getting up early hadn't worked out quite as planned, but we are back on track this morning. I forgot how to walk nicely with my leash and the moms got tough with me. Even my cute face didn't work. They say I am getting smarter with my training.

Guess what?? Last week at school we had to do an obstacle course and do commands--and the best part was the moms couldn't use any words. My mom put her hand up for us to go first--(which by the way was huge since she never volunteers for anything!! Go MOM!) We went up to the first obstacle and I did great for the whole thing. In fact, I think I did the best of all the dogs. I was so happy. I even got to go to the center of the circle and show off a bit. The moms were so happy they called grandpa right away and told them. See, I really am smart!!!

What else--OHHHH, big news on the little brother front. He gets to come home to grandpa's house a week earlier since he is doing so good and getting big and strong. You can read more about him here. The moms have officially chosen the red puppy, who will be named Riley. I think I am finally excited about this and can't wait to have someone to play with me ALL the time. I have so many things planned like frisbee, walking, running, chewing up stuff, er, I mean teaching him to not chew on stuff, playing with Casey . . . .

I have also been doing something sneaky which we don't want to tell moms about--but I have secretly been eating the pea plants that stick up over the fence. Yup, they are really good!!! SHHH, don't tell anyone, ok?

These flowers are so pretty that I thought I would pose by them. Check me out!!



Lynilu said...

Oh, I love that picture of the beautiful flower resting under the beautiful flowers!! Addie, you are just a lovely lady with such an elegant face and you pose so wonderfully!!

Good for you, doing so well at the class!! You're a very smart girl!

I writing for my kids today, because they are all busy, running in and out of the house. It is a nice, cool day here, and they are so excited about playing on the deck that I can't get them to setle down long enough to write. They do, however, send you doggie kisses and even a couple butt sniffs!!!

beans said...

Oh, Miss Lyn, I wish I could come play with your puppies. I have had to stay away from other puppies the last few days cause I have green gunk in my eyes. I saw the doctor today and she will fix me all up.

Sending butt sniffs your way, too. I told my mom about that comment you made and she laughed very hard-it scared me how hard she laughed.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Addie's such a pretty pup :)

Be a Goddess music said...

Oh wow what a beauty !! I have a shepherd too, a complete delinquent :D
Greetings from West wales !!

sam xx