Thursday, July 03, 2008

Addie's Corner-Episode 2

Howdy there!

The past few week's excitement included a trip to a pool. Now I don't know who in their right mind thought that it would be a good idea to have dogs swim, but it sure as heck wasn't me. Mom's took me to a pool, and they dragged me in. See, they say they love me, and want what's best for me, but really they are out to get me. It wasn't fun--nope, not one bit of it. I was sure to let them know about my displeasure with sad puppy eyes all afternoon.

They say they won't take me back to that pool since the pool was disgusting, but that I will eventually have to swim again. Something about it being good for my hips.
We'll see about that . . .

My tummy had hurt last week and I threw up a few times. I am not sure why, but mom was nice and she cleaned my bed up for me and gave me lots of love. Mom "forgot" to feed me before her big meeting--which she looked really pretty for!!! When she came home, I got to have a snack of kibble and applesauce. It was yummy. I am feeling much better now.

We have all started a new routine. I finally convinced moms that they should get up with me really early in the morning to take me for a walk. Now I don't have to whine so much since they get right up and we go in the car and find a place to walk. Today they even jogged a little round and round and round they went. It was very funny to chase after their bottoms.

I helped them install an air conditioner today in the office. This means that we can blog some more since it won't be what mom calls an "oven" in the office anymore. I licked their legs and made them giggle when they were holding the big heavy box. Hehe

Well, I am off to chase the cat. She and I played a bit this morning before she got her claws out. Silly cat.



Jenster said...

Hi Addie!!

So you didn't like swimming? Hm... Mom and Dad say they're going to find a place for me to try swimming because I should like it. Something about me having webbed paws and all. I guess we'll see.


beans said...

Well, I might have liked it, but I was a bit scared and the pool was even scarier. Moms said I looked real good out there swimming. There was a mean lady there--at the pool in Spring City--so don't let your mom take you there, ok???!!! Tell her to call mommy for more details.

I keep trying to look sad enough that maybe they would put my OWN pool in the backyard, you know, strictly for me, and not them. Nope, all mine. I would invite you of course to come play!

Lynilu said...
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Lynilu said...

Ha, ha!! Our mom was typing this for us, and she made a mistake. Ha, ha, MOM!!!


Oh, Addie, we're sorry you weren't feeling well. That stinks, doesn't it? We don't go swimming. No pools around here for dogs, but that is OK. We've been in Mom's great big bathtub, and it's not our favorite thing in the world!! Not at all!! She tells us that Ali and china used to have something called a "wading pool" that they loved to play in, but she has got us one. Do you think she likes us as much as she does them? Hmmm.

At our house, we are still working walking with leashes. Max and Joey have it down pretty well now, but Sam ..... well, let's just say he ain't ready for no long walks yet!! So you're way ahead of us!

What's this "routine" thing you're talking about? Our mom talks about it, too, but then her face turns all red and she mumbles things about "dogs" and "why did I do so many at once" and stuff like that! Can you clue us in?

OK, gotta go! Woof at ya later!

Joey, Sam and Max

beans said...

Hi boys!!! Welcome to bloggerville!! I know you've been featured in pictures, but I am glad to see you talking back!

Yeah, the pool is over rated, though I could have used on this weekend. It was hot and very sticky. Yuck yuck and yuck. My moms went in the pool, and I watched from VERY far away. You should try it out though, I think it has the potential to be fun.

As for the walking--my mom's keep saying they think I might be a little slow since I won't learn the tricks they are telling me to do. Imagine this, now they are doing all this stuff with their hands and expect me to know what they want. It is far easier to play dumb and look cute!! Works most of the time . . .you should try it.

The routine works well unless it is raining, which it did quite a bit this weekend. Mommy doesn't mind walking in the rain, but mama said no. Party pooper!

Oh well, I got to go find a ball to chase after. WOOF