Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Was harder than I thought. I was so determined yesterday, and it wasn't a bad day. Just confusing.

I got very close to work today and just started sobbing in the car. Don't know why really. I know I am confused about work and what I should be doing with my career, but I am not sure what the tears were about. More tears on the way to group tonight . . .just sobbing. I need to stop crying and driving . . .

Change is hard sometimes, and it means that things need to be stirred up a bit before they can come out looking different I guess.

I appreciate everyone's comments on my last post. I am glad I can be inspiring . . .I do know how hard life can be when much time is spent hating and loathing. The freedom I have now in this emerging life is almost too much to bear sometimes, but I will take that any day over the days of such struggle and pain.

In other news, it appears that we have spotted growth in the garden, which serious made me giggle today. I am so excited about the prospects of eating real home grown food. I will take a picture soon to share.

Ok, off to bed now. The eyes are soooo sleepy since the waterworks show played twice today.


Jenster said...

Waterworks are exhausting. I hope you get some good sleep tonight. Maybe things will look a little brighter tomorrow...

Fresh veggies!! Woohoo!!

Lynilu said...

I admire your undertaking of a garden. I love the harvest, but I hate everything in the process of getting to that harvest! Yeah, I avoid it!

Hugs for a better "next day." :)