Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jesus Birthday Cake

The time is coming near . . .the time for me to turn 30!!!! I have the honor of sharing my birthday very, VERY close to Jesus'. What has this meant over the years . . .

I was made to share my birthday cake with Jesus . . year after year I had this guy who had top billing on the b-day cake.

Sometimes, when times were desperate, I also had to share the birthday cake not only with Jesus, but also my older brother who happens to have been born after Jesus and I, later in the month.

Jenster brought the idea up of the Jesus birthday cake, and I shuttered at the thought that for once I wanted my own damn cake. Jesus could make wine out of water, couldn't he have made his own chocolate cake with yummy icing?

I mean, seriously, come on now. Imagine being little and blowing out the candle . . .it's not like we had a million candles on the cake for all the years that Jesus was old, but he had to be written on the cake??? Couldn't we have made a cupcake for him-did he need ALL of MY cake??

Sheesh . . .I guess it is good that I am a good share-er. But still . . .


Jenster said...

You may have had to share your cake with him, but he'd be great to have around at a party. You know, in case you run out of wine. :o)


Tom said...

Maybe by the time you turn 40 you'll be rich enough to buy Jesus his own cake and one for yourself. :)

Just popping in as I was searching for all things dealing with Down syndrome... new dad with a son with it.

Anyway, hope its a great new year for you and yours.