Sunday, December 23, 2007

In the still of the night

It's early, REALLY early in the morning and I have been awake for a few hours. I have been really sick the last few days, and I can't sleep really well. Could have something to do with the fact that I feel like I am drowning in snot when I lay down!! I started to take the red mucinex, and I wonder if it keeping me awake as well.

But I am enjoying the quiet-well, almost quiet, DP's snoring can get quite ruckus sometimes and the cat is wrapping herself around my hand as I type and purring quite ferociously--which by the way makes it VERY hard to type-not the purring, but the wrapping of one's furry little self around my hand so that I cannot move, much less type or use the mouse!! If you can read this, kitty, GET OFF!!

The family will be coming today, and DP got to do the cleaning yesterday as I was too sick to really move, much less clean. She's great that way and I am much appreciative. I am also so thankful that she has such a great attitude about my folks coming. I know it cannot be easy for her to listen to me talk about them and how stressed it makes me, but she is a good balance-and they love her!!

I am excited about them coming, and I do hope it is a fun time. My oldest brother hasn't seen the house yet, and so he will be so excited to see it, and "his room" where he has a bed. He has down syndrome, and still believes in Santa, OR knows that it is smart to still let people think you believe in Santa . ..either way he makes out well for being almost 37. It will be great with him and Little Tyke, who will be here also on Christmas morning. I can't believe he will be 4 soon. Where does the time go . . .

Ok, I should go. I don't know what I will go do, exactly, but I should go. . .

Well, maybe I could also tell you that we found a German shepherd kennel that has great puppies, excellent communication, and best of all are right in the neighborhood of DP's parents. This means we will try and get our much desired GS puppy over the summer when we are there. Hopefully it will do good on the long drive home!! We are very excited!! More to come on the acquisition of new furry friend, I am sure!!

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