Monday, December 24, 2007

Quick Update

We just got back from church and here are some highlights so far:

  • my brother and family called yesterday and said "We're on our way to your house, we know it's a day early, but is that ok??"
  • my dad, who can't drive at night, didn't arrive with the rest of the family last night until almost 6pm . . then realized he'd driven the whole way with no lights on the van . . .
  • the cat isn't welcoming the idea of the dogs in the house . . .and has dust bunnies all over her from dodging in and out of various hiding places.
  • the one psycho dog stayed up for hours last night whining and crying, which lead me to be really tired as I didn't get to bed until after that-and 3 doses of NyQuil
  • little tyke and I made ornaments out of playdoh and discussed life in daycare
  • We saw Santa on a fire truck today roaming around town
  • We just went to church-and I cried through the first two songs . . .I am such a sap in my impending old age . . .I think I was so glad to just get out and feel the music . . .I love music and they had some awesome music there today . . .even got a few hugs!
Overall, I am doing alright. Not great, but not horribly.

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Jenster said...

Hey! I was one of the huggers!! Okay isn't as good as great, but better than horrible. So we'll say the glass is half full??

I'm glad you have a lot of help and support from DP - especially during a stressful time.

Hope your Christmas was good!