Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shorty pants

OK, so I am short-in case you have not had the privilege of meeting me in person! I am about 5'3 and most petite pants are about 5 inches too long for me. What this means is that I spend a lot of extra money to have my pants hemmed. I used to only buy petite pants, but found the selection quite limiting.

DP told me once that if I had to hem them anyways, then I might as well buy the cool girl pants and have them hemmed just the same . .she's got smarty pants!

So I have found a dry cleaner near where we used to live, and the lady there is very nice. I always questioned, though, how much she really understood of what I was saying. She always tended to nod appropriately and never said much. The pants always came out great and so I keep going back. She once referred to me as the "short one" to my partner when she picked up clothes for me once.

I went in yesterday to take some pants in to be hemmed, and lo and behold she struck up a lengthy conversation about where I'd been-I moved further away and didn't need pants hemmed-she congratulated me on the house and asked if I moved with family-I told her I bought the house with my partner. We talked some more and she pinned and I nodded. She seemed lonely and thankful for someone to talk with.

Then she asked me if I was married and I chuckled and said no. I told her numerous times I lived with my partner and I guess that was lost in translation. She proceeded to tell me about her son, one year younger than me and single . . .works hard . . .likes ladies. . .

Was the hemmer lady trying to set me up with her son?? I will check my pockets twice when I pick them up to see if she slipped me a phone number . . .

That's all for today. Good day-had to do a session with a French speaking family through an interpreter . . .which means a much longer session and much talking. It was kind of funny-at one point the interpreter looks at me and is translating emphatically . . .but he forgot to speak English and I must have had a look on my face because all of the sudden the room erupted in laughter. It was fun and I think she appreciated the help.

Hope all is well in your corners.

A special shout out to RHB who faithfully reads my blog and doesn't comment anymore since I yelled at her when I first started the blog . ..she used my name in a comment and I reprimanded her, flogged her, and then asked her how in the world I was supposed to remain anonymous if she commented with my name. She has never commented again. So RHB, I hereby absolve you of your sin. You are free to comment again!! Hugs!

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Anonymous said...

OK, OK... I'm so thankful to have been absolved of my sin! Maybe by the time you read this, we will have had dinner together (but don't worry, I won't say where I'm thinking we'll go!) I love reading your blog, too :-)


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