Saturday, November 10, 2007

I am a big, fat, doofus

so I am looking for my blog from last night-where I said I wanted to take a sick day from blogging since I felt like crap and was snuffly and was going to my folks house tomorrow for my dad's surprise birthday . .

and I wondered where it was, and was upset that people would see that I am slacking on the every day posting . . .I know I wrote it, but where was it??

Then I go to look on the work blog that we have-the one that is private for only work folks . . .and there it is . . .me telling work that i was taking a sick day from blogging and that i felt like crap and I was going to my dad's . . .luckily i can delete it, but i wonder how many people read it. good thing i posted it at 9:30 last night, so maybe no one cares about the work blog enough on Saturday to see that . . .right?

sheesh, i already feel like the executive director doesn't like me, and if she saw me mess that up i am sure she won't like me even more . . .

damn it . . .

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evawebdiva said...

Oh man I had to laugh at this post because this is so something I would do...and I'd be wondering, "what was I thinking?" Thanks for sharing.