Friday, November 02, 2007


We had our heater serviced today, and that means that we finally have heat!! I am so excited. I sat there shivering while waiting for the guy to come. I even contemplated dancing with Ellen while I waited just to generate some heat.

Now, mind you, we were electing to not use the heat until it was serviced since we recently bought the house, but it was getting chilly! The issue now is that you cannot accurately tell what temperature you are setting it on. When DP's dad comes, he will install an electric thermostat which should help.

I worked from home today. I decided I had to organize my many many resources. I bought a few new binders and went to work to categorize and see what I had. I made general piles and then broke them down further. Now everything is piled-though categorized!! I will work on getting them back into their little plastic sleeves this weekend and hopefully will be done with that for a bit.

I am going out tonight to a social work gathering. should be fun-except I am not very social at times. I think I am also getting to the pre-period time and I just want to curl up and sleep, or snuggle. Either one will do.

I've got to go get prettied up for tonight. See ya tomorrow!

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I love reading your blog :)