Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fuzzy Hearing

DP and I took a ride to the local Target tonight and as we were walking around she mentioned something to me about the display of "crock cheese" and how it was a sign of the holidays. Well, I turned my head and I said, quite loudly "CROTCH CHEESE? What is THAT?"

Needless to say we had quite the laugh about that one for the rest of the night.

We has a lovely evening. I had to see two clients this afternoon. One very interesting one. A single mom who has a boy who was diagnosed with PDD last year, and this year the school tested him again and he is not testing autistic-AT ALL. I have to say, when I saw him last week for the first time I did not think he was autistic-not even aspergers. I thought maybe MR, but I don't think that either. Mom was very upset by this and was going to fight for him to be put in an autistic support class. I tried my darnedest to explain that he would still get the services that were needed-in this case speech therapy and some special education support.

It was hard to sit with this mom and see her struggle. I gather that it is somewhat challenging to have a child who is behaviorally difficult, and NOT have something to blame it on. So if she can't say that the child is autistic and he he having a behavioral episode, the she just supposes folks see her as a bad mom, rather than a mom of a challenging child. She is holding onto the label for dear life-and I didn't' think anything I said today was of any help.

I saw a new family today. Clearly not one that met the low-income requirements-the spa on the back porch of their sprawling house gave them away. They were in need of the services none the less, so I worked with them and will probably meet with them one more time. They had a very cute little girl . . .nice family.

Then DP and I put the big storm windows on the windows that actually had them and stored away all the outdoor furniture. We then went to dinner at Five Guys famous Burgers and Fries
All I have to say is YUM, YUM, YUM. They only make burgers, fries, and hot dogs. I heard a nun at physical therapy once raving over this place, and we decided to try it tonight. We got there and they had peanuts on the table for you while you waited. Then we got the most delicious burgers and fries. It was really good and the place was hopping.

Then we were off to the Lowes to price digital thermometers and outdoor lights. DP's family will be coming on over Thanksgiving and we will have a list of things for dad to do while here-two of which are to install said thermometer and lights!! Also, more importantly is to puppy-proof the back yard!!

Then we went to Target for a humidifier to replace the penguin one we had that broke for no good reason. There we had the aforementioned hearing mishap. Then we went to this yummy place for ice cream and bought a cookies and cream caramel apple for tomorrow.

I am tired now. . . and just under the wire for this post today!!

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