Saturday, November 24, 2007

Busy day

Included in busy day:

-Making breakfast for family
-Heated discussion about purchase of GPS system
-Trip to mall to browse-need I mention again that I truly do not really like shopping-though the antibacterial soap sale at Bath and Body Works was a treat! I stocked up!! I also did not complain ONCE about shopping!!!
-Home for leftover T-day lunch
-Out again to local town to shop-cut short by mom feeling ill
-Home for lots and lots of pictures from the in-laws trip to Alaska
-While eating pizza, watching White Christmas
-Now off to bed after perusing stacks of catalogs for perfect gifts . . .

I think that might be the gist of the day . . .Good day!


Jenster said...

Sounds busy. I hate shopping. With a passion. Though I do like a bargain.

I'm curious about your GPS discussion. Are you for or against? Personally, I call Jill, our GPS, the other woman along with other, horribly unwholesome names. I think she's a wench and my husband is much too enamoured with her.

beans said...

Jen-I will get back to you about that in a post I will write . . maybe tomorrow.

I had to laugh out loud-literally when I saw your comment . . thanks for sharing. I am sorry there is this other woman in your life that is causing you such misery!!