Friday, November 23, 2007

Good Day

We had a great Thanksgiving over here. The food all came out wonderfully, and the sweet potato goop was fantastic and I noticed most everyone going back for seconds. I was, of course, so stuffed, even though I tried to pace myself. It was good though. We had many laughs and good company. RHB's desserts were great!!

We put up the tree and got out all the decorations. Funny, every other year we have had to prioritize what decorations would get to come out and which ornaments would get to go on the tree sine we had a smaller place. We bought a bigger house and a bigger tree this year and everything looks great. I think if anything we could use a few more decorations here and there, but if we didn't have them it would be ok, too. The tree looks great!! We even have some presents under the tree as the in-laws already brought out their presents since we won't see them for Christmas.

Today we were work horses. We were at Home Depot really early this AM and bought new outside lights, things to puppy-proof the fence, a digital thermostat, a light timer, switch plates, reflectors, and a wreath holder.

The reflector is for me, and really for a very silly reason. I keep going by the house. I know I should know which one is mine by now, but I think in the dark it is really hard. So I bought reflectors for the telephone pole in front of our house and hopefully that will help. They are all still making fun of me, but I don't care and will get my needs met and it is ok-right?

Dad and DP were working on the fence, and I was trying to identify weeds/plants with mom to see what could be saved and what could be trashed. We pulled up a bunch of pavers in one area we would like to use as a garden next year. Then I started digging up some big rooty weeds, and then I could tell I was getting a bit obsessed. There was big chunks of concrete in the ground and I couldn't just leave them there. I had to get them all out and then chuck them all onto the side of shed up the hill. I know I am going to be sore later.

But, the lights are up, the water to the outside is turned off, the fence should keep fido-to-be in, and a few others odds and ends are done. Now we are heading to dinner. I will sleep well tonight.

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