Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What to do . . .

Hello Wednesday-

So I have been offered the position-on the day that my maniacal boss tells us she is stepping down-we aren't sure if she is stepping down or she was shoved down-either way it made the decision that much harder for the briefest of seconds.

I am waiting on some minor clarifications about health insurance and then I am ready to give my notice. I feel bad for the two gals I am leaving behind, because I really do a TON in the office that no one really knows how to do. They both told me today, though, that I had to do what was right for ME, and this is right, for now.

I talked with the family counselor for the program last night for about an hour and I felt much more settled about the whole idea of being in the city and working with a more diverse population. I am increasingly more enthused about this.

I did have one scary thought today-that is that I don't like to spend time by myself much-and in this job I will have LOTS of time by myself and won't really have co-workers per se to hang out with and such. I guess this will be a true test of my growth and ability to be stretched. I will have to be incredibly self-directed-which I think I can be . . .

I also had a great meeting with an old friend today. It had been several years since I'd spoken to H. and I called her up last week-whilst I was having difficulty being by myself-and asked her how she was doing and we ended up meeting for coffee tonight. We talked for close to 3 hours and it was nice to reconnect.

That's all for today folks. We are having a small gathering Friday night of work friends to see the house-should be exciting!

Hope all is well in your corners-

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