Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Keeping you "A Breast" of the situation

OK-Deep breath.

I had to go to a breast surgeon yesterday. The girls have been acting up and I had to get them checked out. There I am, in a place where you already KNOW why everyone is there. I am sitting there nonchalantly looking at a magazine wondering what exactly they will do to the girls.

I walk in and they tell me to get undressed from the waist up. I pick up the napkin they expected me to fit over myself and I laughed to myself-then immediately started to sweat. What was I going to do. The napkin would not fit and the girls needed coverage. I couldn't greet the doc with them hanging out all over the place. I grabbed the sweater I brought in with me and put that on. I then tried to flap around to air out . . .

The doc comes in and starts doing things to them that I didn't think should ever happen to such areas. I think the dreaded mammogram would have been kinder-not that I would know personally, but from all the stories I have heard. Oh, and after all the drama about what to cover myself with, as soon as she came in she made me take it off. She said she could see better without anything on. I had no time to be incredibly self-conscious-and I started sweating some more. To my credit, the office was a bit warm-- Then she has me lay down and does MORE things to them. After all of this she has me get up and get dressed. The little paper thing that was on the table to protect it is now wet with sweat spots and I was feeling very exposed and wanted to cover up as much as possible, as fast as possible!!!

I guess the good thing is that the girls passed their exam with mostly flying colors!! Phew--one, or two body parts I don't need to worry about.

Well, after all that, how are YOU??

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