Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

Good morning everyone!!

Or is it? I didn't sleep so well last night because my nose is all stuffy, my throat hurts and has goo running down it, I have cramps, and I generally feel really yucky. This may sound very dramatic, and I intend it to be! The reason being I have been so healthy lately. Back in the day when I was taking far less care of myself I was sick all the damn time. I have been soo healthy lately-aside from the occasional ache of a knee or back-but they don't count.

I have taken great pride in knowing that even though a number on the scale might not reflect a lot of change, the way I FEEL has reflected immense change. I know when I take better care of myself I feel better, yet at times it is difficult to follow through. I haven't been sick as much, the blood I had taken a few weeks back indicate that all of my levels are exactly where they should be-a relative first for me. Oh, well . . . except my triglycerides were a bit high and I am supposed to be taking fish oil pills--eeewwww!

In any case, that is why when I start to feel sick like this NOW, it is not as acceptable as it was in the past. I used to relish in being sick-it was a reason to be depressed, antisocial, to not eat, to get attention. Now it is just plain old inconvenient. I don't want to recreationally feel sick and tired anymore and it sucks when I do. Oh well.

Update on the job front-I met with the director and assistant director of the other department yesterday and it sounds like things are going to happen. They did warn me that the woman who has the position now and who is leaving, has made quite a mess of things and it will be rough waters for a bit while we try and regain control and find out where things need to be fixed. They sound ready and willing to help as needed and to support me along the way. I appeared to answer all of the questions in a satisfactory way and in the end they appeared pleased with my qualifications and such. The director said she would work out the details of informing Wonderwoman and discussing a transfer date.

Wonderwoman is on vacation this week, and lo and behold, guess who's vacation is not showing up on the attendance list. Yesterday I shot an email to the woman I spoke to last time and out secretary to , you know, inform them that she was on vacation all week. I checked in with the woman I spoke to a while ago about it and she said she was already on top of investigating it.

Nothing much else to report. The weather should be rainy and gloomy the next few days and I think I will probably take a sick day tomorrow. Our group of girlfriends-which we have dubbed the YaYa's- are trying to find a time this weekend to get together. Funny how time, marriage, work, and children make this process a lot more difficult. Used to be we could just go out after work and grab a drink--now it is much more complicated. I guess it makes the time we do get to spend together that much more valuable. I just miss some of the simplicity at times . . .

I hope you are all doing well.

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