Friday, September 01, 2006

You can find anything online these days

Happy Friday!!

Oh joy, it is Friday, and welcome to the weekend of rain and yuck in the Northeast! Ernesto is supposed to deliver to us a holiday weekend of rain, wind, and ruined plans. Oh well.

OK, so I have to get this off of my chest. I hope people do not judge me for what I am about to say. Ok, here goes . . .

I am a very curious person. Sometimes I am too curious for my own good. I like all of those medical shows on TV because I can see what the inside of people look like. I went to the Body Worlds exhibit to see all the plastinated bodies and I even went into the room that had the fetuses in them.

The internet is a very enabling place for those of us who may be too curious for their own good. I remember a while ago when there was a website that showed a highly publicized murder. They were talking about the thousands of people who had viewed this site. I went to the website several times, though I was able to stop before watching. Then one day, in a weak moment I began to watch and very quickly became quite ill, turned it off, and felt very guilty. Recently in our local news website, they had a link to Jonbenet Ramsey information, and in the list of information, they had the autopsy report and ransom note. I admit, I read them.

Today I was reading a front page news website and they had an article about a man who was executed on death row last night in Texas. They linked to the Texas Department of Corrections
where you are able to look back many years to see what people were convicted of, what their last statements were, and in my latest find, what their last meal was.

Then I thought to myself, "Self, you are a horrible, no good, very bad person" Now I am wondering if I am a horrible person for being intrigued by these things. I remember in college when I took a class on the media and how they were saying then-10 years ago- that people were being so jaded by access to so much information. Then we have all these reporters who are willing to be smack dab in the middle of events such as war, hurricanes, etc. Maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better.

On a lighter note, DP and I were discussing children a while ago and how we would like a nicely made wood crib, and we searched online for handmade cribs. This is on of the sites we came across.

OK, NOT what we were thinking. This lead us on a whole new journey into the world of fetishes and what people do. We sat there glued to our screen linking from one page to another-mouth gaping open. I am not judging, I just didn't know that stuff actually occurred. I spent a good week wondering if any of my co-workers wore diapers for fun . . .

Now that you all know *I* am crazy-fess up. Has anyone else come across any strange things on the internet you were slightly embarrassed to be looking at? If not, at least let me know I am not crazy for being curios . . .

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Jennifer said...

I often end up a lot of places, looking at things better left unseen.