Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Weekend update


On Friday I had the trip with my dad to the place where I grew up. We ended up taking Little Tyke with us, so around noon the three of us began the hour and half drive. Dad and I got some good conversations in. He answered all of my million questions, and I tried so hard to remember all of his answers. I feel like I am a sponge trying to soak up as much of what he tells me-I am afraid of forgetting. We went to our old house, my granny's old house, my other grandmother's house, and a few other places. The next to last stop was to the cemetery where my dad's mom, dad, and grandparents were buried. Little Tyke thought it was all a playground and dad got mad at him as he was climbing all over the gravestones. Before that though, I watched as my dad had a solemn moment. He was a good son and took good care of his mother until she died in our home after being sick.

We went and saw my brother's new home and enjoyed a nice dinner with them before heading home. On the way home, in the comfort of the dark night I had the courage to ask him some questions I had been meaning to ask. When did you start drinking, why did you drink, what do you regret, what made it all so hard . . .In that moment I saw a new side of my dad. The side that recognized that he had hurt people-and most of all that he was not available to us as children. Just when it was too much to bear, he would change the topic. Using my social work skills, I tried to bring him back around. It was all very good for me to begin these conversations with my father-helps to fill in some really big gaps. We also talked really openly about my other brother and what will become of him when my parents pass away or unable to care for him anymore.

Saturday we all headed out in the rain to a craft festival. I really, REALLY like pottery. I like going anywhere there is pottery. We took my other brother out to do some of his Christmas shopping while we were there. Maybe this year people will get interesting gifts from him, and not the standard "mom and dad" chosen gifts. It was good to spend some time with my brother.

When we arrived home on Saturday evening, it looked like a war zone in our area. I guess it had stormed the night before and our area was hit pretty hard. In our complex alone there were trees uprooted, branches everywhere-all I could think was "What the HELL happened." We walked in our apartment and it just got worse. We had left several windows open-including the sliding glass doors-you can imagine the clean up we had. The cat had also gotten stuck in the bedroom. When we came in and she did not greet us, of course I thought she was dead somewhere. Then we heard this ferocious meowing coming from the bedroom. We don't know how long she was in there. I think maybe the storm caused a breeze and the door must have blown shut. That is what I am telling myself anyway to alleviate some of the guilt. We did not find any poop/pee yet, and hopefully we won't!

Sunday we did laundry and shopping. What fun! DP is preparing for her new students and is excited about her new job. She went to the school today and will begin to get settled there before the kids come next week.

Other than that there is not much else going on. I am at work and of course-I have a lot of time on my hands . . .Most people are back though from their summer break, so at least now there are more people to talk to. Also more people to monitor what I am or am NOT doing. Things are picking up ever so slightly--I guess that is good.

That's all folks. I need to do a therapy update, but I will save that for later. Check out this website it is called Perpetual Kid and they have some great stuff.

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