Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother's Day

So mom's day is coming up . . .and her birthday is also two days before. She is constantly bugging me for copies of pictures that we take that she finds really cute.

She never does anything with the pictures and it irritates me that I give them to her and they sit around.

So this year we are making her one of those photo books from Shutt*rfly. I finally finished it tonight and I really hope she likes it!! She's impossible to buy for because she is not able to do much. I hope this brings her some enjoyment--though I know she will now want one every year.

They are a great idea. I did one for DP last xmas. They are a little more costly than printing pics only, but by the time I print and DO something with them I might as well have them do all the hard work. I am working on a year in review for us from last year!

Work is crazy . . .going to Florida Monday night into Tuesday and considering if I can possible squeeze in anything manageable at Disney and still be coherent in the morning for a work thing. Thoughts?


Lynilu said...

Someone said on FB to do Epcot if you have just a short time, and I would agree. If I could do just one thing, it would be that. If you have someone with you, DW is great, but Epcot can be fun even alone. I did that one time.

K and J said...

Your mom is going to LOVE the book.

Daisy said...

I think the picture book for your mom is a wonderful idea. If she really likes it, why not make one for her every Mother's Day. Have a great time in Florida!

Jenster said...

What a great idea! I think I might do a book for my folks. Someday. :)