Monday, April 06, 2009

My weekend . . .in pictures.

The chairs we ordered from By the Yard. They are made from recycled plastic and will apparently last forever. They are really comfortable, and we hope they will hold up. We only had a few extra parts!

The area on the side of our house that has become a mud pit. We decided that it would make a nice shade garden.

We got the little fence, and it was going nicely until we couldn't figure out how to make the middle close. It is being held together with a cable tie. If we decide we like it we will maybe get a real fence in the future. Hopefully the birds will come even with the woofie friends around.

The garden before. We rented a rototiller from Home Depot and an mere hour later we had a garden ready for planting peas--which went in the ground today. We also put up the tomato cages and arranged the rest of the garden area for when our seedlings are ready to plant.

The after. The soil looks and feels wonderful!

We also tilled a bit of the front of the house and planted some bulbs we pulled up when we moved, and a few that someone from work had given me. We also made a portion of our fence into a gate so that we can get larger pieces of equipment into the yard--such as the stump grinder that will be coming this week to get rid of the stumps. The gate thing was an undertaking, but done This will also work well to get RHB into the back yard if we need at times as well due to her wheelchair.

I am very excited about the garden this year. We got some new cages for the tomatoes since the one last year all broke. We also got some cages for the peppers, eggplants, and peas. We shall see.


Lynilu said...

You are deadly serious gardeners, aren't you? My hub was, too, but the only part that I truly enjoyed was picking and eating! Does that make me a bad person? Probably. I think I said last year that I would be up to visit and help you eat the fruits of your labor. You didn't say anything, so maybe I will really do it this year! :D

beans said...

Maybe it was a secret ploy to get you here ;) Just think, you could meet three blogger friends all in one visit. come on, what do you think!

We would love to have a larger area to garden in, but this is manageable for now. if the pumpkin shows up this year, we will need to relocate it for sure as there isn't an inch to spare. DP always had gardens growing up, and last year was my first stab at it. It is amazing to think that stuff can happen . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've made it to print again :-)

Daisy said...

Beans~ I LOVE those chairs!

Lynilu~ If you get up this way to see Beans, PLEASE let me know!!! I wanna meet ya too!!!!

Cheryl said...

Wow! You are serious about gardening, it looks wonderful. Can you please come to my house!
The chairs look really good, are they comfy?

Hey, I'm hoping to catch up with you tonight, if that is okay. Let me know! I had Mel's meeting and they are sending her to another unit. She really thought she was going home and was very, very upset. It was a very emotional afternoon.

Thanks for caring and I am so looking forward to talking to you.