Sunday, April 05, 2009

My update . . .

Ok, so I haven't officially fallen off the blogesphere, but I sure was close. Thanks to Lyn and Daisy for bringing me back to my senses. So, you may be asking yourself what on EARTH has that girl been up to . . .well, I am about to tell you, so hang on tight!

For starters I started my new job in January, and it is great. I mean, I finally feel like I love what I do, I am making a difference, and it is the right balance of having time to do my work, and to see co-workers, families, and kids. There's a group of us that has lunch together most days and it is nice to laugh and to know there are other folks out there doing similar things and experiencing similar struggles. This also means, of course, that I am actually GOING to work each day, and that took some adjusting, and still is a lot. I don't expect any sympathy, I am just sayin . . .also at work, we have had two kids die in the last month or so, and that has been extremely difficult.

Chronic pain . . .never thought if it really, until I realized that on any given day I was in enough pain to put me at a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10. It has taken a lot to work through the pain in my heel, and just in the last few weeks my other heel has decided that it wanted to hurt as well. Just walking to the other side of the room has been excruciating. I had to switch insurance companies when I changed jobs, and now the insurance I have doesn't allow me to see the guy I was seeing for a while without paying a LOT of money. I went to my family doc to get a referral for another foot guy, and she also gave me an anti inflammatory and a pain pill. I took the pain pill the first couple of nights last week, and it was enough to zonk me out, but not sleep at night so I had a few somewhat sleepless nights. However, the anti-inflammatory on the other hand has been amazing. So much so that there have been some parts of the day that I have little to no pain what-so-ever. I will still make an appointment to see the orthopedist, but I am glad to have some pain free time. Doc told me she was shocked at how flat my feet are and wonder if that doesn't have a significant impact on how I feel and my feet.

Speaking of how I feel, DP and I have been doing weight watchers, and I am down about 11.5 lbs in three weeks. The progress has been slow, but steady and I feel like we are on a much more manageable plan. In the past I have done extreme things and they lasted for a while, or I became totally obsessed. Right now there's a balance between eating well, and having some yummy stuff once in a while. We have been experimenting with different grocery stores in the area, including Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and other generic stores. We've always gone to the others at times, but we have been rotating and it is keeping things interesting.

Well, there's more, but I need to eat . . .stay tuned for some more tomorrow.

Hope all if well in your corners.


Lynilu said...

It is good that you are dropping the weight slowly. Your chances of keeping it off will be so much better that way. Before you know it, you will be adapted to the new way of eating and living, and it will be easy, like second nature. Good going!

And I'm very glad you're back!

Daisy said...


CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!

Sorry to hear about your pain.

beans said...

Thanks Lyn. I know slow and steady is better, and I just need to be gentle with myself.

Daisy-Nice to be back. I even had the urge to blog at work today, so that's a sign that I miss being around.

Cheryl said...

Dropping weight slowly is the best way to keep it off. I think you are doing great. I need to get on a structured plan and stick to it. I'm such a stress eater. I wish, I would not eat when I am stressed, but I am the opposite.

I hope the new medication keeps helping. I HATE when insurance companies don't let you see who you want to see. FRUSTRATING. Our EAP (I just wrote EAT instead of EAT, Freudian???) is great if you go with their list of providers. They won't give you the list, you have to call and keep checking.

Thinking of you. Missed your posts.