Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh so ready!!


We leave soon, and the list of things we have to do seems to grow by the minute!! Tomorrow we will take Addie to daycare to play for a few hours, and then she will get a bath to smell pretty for meeting the new family.

SO much to do, so little time!!! I will blog I am sure while we are gone . . .but until then . . .

See YA!!

oh-and today at work they asked me if I minded going to a conference in San Diego . . .um, let's see . . .HECK no. I haven't been further west than Minnesota. I am very excited. we'll see if it really pans out. a paper we wrote got accepted to the American public health association and we have to do a 12 minute presentation. whoo hoo!

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Jenster said...

Have a safe trip and a great time!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

San Diego?? Niiice...