Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden Update

These are just some of the many many tomatoes we have gotten. The week before we left we had a ton of tomatoes and ate BLT sandwiches two nights in a row. One night we had a tomato that filled up the whole piece of bread. One slice was that big!! Seemed while we were away though that the tomatoes overpowered the cages they were in and the cages have started to buckle. One has even broken and we aren't very sure what will happen to that plant. Lessons for next time--only one plant per cage, get square cages, and leave more room in between. We also came home to one of these nasty ass bugs I blogged about before-and it had the larvae on it-made me want to puke. I didn't-but we did capture it and tied it up in a bag. Filthy bastard!

These are some of the peppers. These are the long ones-but we also have had bell peppers as well. We have been cutting and freezing these. We had picked some of these earlier in the season before they were ready, but realized that they needed to be much longer and larger before they were just right. Unfortunately dad's peppers didn't grow, so we hope to have some to bring to them when we leave on Thursday.

While I wish I could say that this is the pumpkin that was the size of my ass, I would be lying like a very large sac o' potatoes. But we did come home to find this growing in the mulch/weed/crap pile in the side of the house. There is another tiny one next to it as well. This is where we put the pumpkin plants that we pulled from the garden. Apparently it was real good at transplanting itself. I am a bit worried since this little guy is hanging from the middle of the fence. I hope once it gets larger that is can keep itself up--and that my woofy friend doesn't think of it a a snack!

Now this, my friends, is the very large one that scared the poopies nearly out of me. It is hard to see, but it is very large. It has started to turn orange, but it is very big. I think it is growing larger and larger by the day-- (but then after the way I ate this week, so is my ass). Maybe at the end we will take a side by side comparison for all you playing along at home. Seriously, can you just imagine not having any idea this thing was lurking and then -POW-there it is?

That's all for now folks. I will keep you posted as usual. Oh, the cukes continue to grow fast and furious, but none have been edible. Very bitter and yucky so far. Maybe the ground is just not right for them this year. It is only our first shot at this after all.

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Jenster said...

Beautiful veggies!!! They look yummy!