Saturday, July 05, 2008

Addie's Corner-Episode 3

It is rainy over here in our parts, and that make playing outside even more fun. I get all muddy and stuff, and when I come in they dry me off with a big ol' towel. Moms moved the big thing with the TV in it today--something to do with getting cable . . .and I found a ball that I took outside with me. It was great fun. Mom ran over one of my other balls with the big loud lawnmower. Silly mommy.

Yesterday we tried to go on a walk twice, but it poured both times. The later one I was most excited about cause we were going to the big park and there are lots of yummy smells there, and even some dogs. But when we got there it rained rained rained on our heads.

Today I got something very special for a treat. The moms made these round fluffy things for breakfast and I got to have some. It was so yummy in my tummy, and I was even gentle about taking it from them. Sometimes I get very excited and I forget that I can't also eat their fingers!

There are some new pictures of my little brother that you should all look at--not that I am in any way shape or form agreeing to this business of a new puppy brother, but I might as well show you all how cute he is. Moms are looking at red collared boy, with blue collar being a second choice for now. I kinda can't wait to have someone I can play with. The cat hasn't been much fun to play with.

I should go. The front door is open, so I can look at all the cars going by and wait for the cable guy.



Lynilu said...

Hey, Addie, Ali here. I'm sneaking in before the runts get Mom to write you. There can be some advantages to having little brothers around, and at your age it might be cool to have a playmate. But I want to warn you, they also can be very, VERY aggravating!! These new guys at my formerly nice, calm, quite home, are rowdy! They gobble food, and they just don't get it that China and I have to have special food. They want everything we have!! Wouldn't you think 15 years of being perfect for Mom would earn us special respect without an argument???

OK, they aren't all bad, but I just want to warn you .... your life is never going to be the same. Jus' sayin'.

Gah. Here they come, gotta go! Good luck. You're gonna need it!!

beans said...

Hi there Ali-

Hehe, I am glad you got to the computer for a bit to visit with me. I find it best to step on the little ones around-works for the cat until the sharp things come out. Maybe you should try it! I understand that your house has grown in members lately--I can imagine this is hard since you and your friend ruled the roost until recently. I am sure mom doesn't love you less, she just wants to give love to other pups as well. Thanks for the advice on being a big sibling. I am secretly excited-but shhhh, don't tell anyone!!